Hello World!

That’s the title of the default wordpress first post, is it not? I figured I’d stick with it, just for tradition’s sake!


So hello there world! Since this is my first blog post on this brand spanking shiny new blog, I guess I’d better introduce myself!

My name is Aislinn! I’m 18, I’m a first year law and arts (French and Modern Irish) student in the National University of Ireland Maynooth, and I’m a slight internet addict.

This is, I think, my fourth blog, but hopefully it’ll be my most successful!

There’s not really any particular subject that my blog is directed at, just day to day life and any observations I care to make.

For the most part though, it’ll probably be ramblings from me at various hours of the day and night, about how much I hate my job, or how little I like writing essays. Much ado about nothing, really.

Hence the title!


So there’s a summary of what I think I’ll be getting up to here, and hope to see you around this crazy interwebnet!


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