Went to see my sister’s keeper today in the cinema. I think I must be sick or something, that’s twice in two weeks!
Seriously, though, that is oddly frequent for me – the last time I was in the cinema before that was, eh, March.

Anyways, back to the film – anyone who doesn’t cry at it has no soul and must be stoned to death, simple as.

Obviously the film was different to the book – most notably the ending was changed, but it worked for the film.
Heart-rendingly sad, but very watchable.


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7 responses to “Picoult

  1. The feel good movie of the year!!!

  2. I usually whistle when i get out of bed, jsut before going to my Club Baby Seals meeting..after that I have some Kentucky Fried Children

  3. aislinnoc

    You have no soul.

  4. davaloha

    thats because he is a ginge!

  5. aislinnoc

    You make an excellent point.

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