What with the summer being two months gone, and a month to go, and everybody well and truly ensconced in their homesteads, and only working three shifts a week, and Seamus being off home (and complaining about it, too), I gotta say the boredom is kicking in strongly.
Today, I slept ’til two-ish, then got up, wandered out for a bit, went to the library, read half a book, then realised I’d forgotten my card, so I couldn’t get it out, and eventually made it home, where I emptied the dishwasher (with Sinéad‘s help), made a sandwich, made tea for my mother, then wandered upstairs to my bedroom, and Bob, good old Bob.

But even the internet is losing its pull at the moment. I’m extremely bored, and I wish I had something interesting to do. *sigh*


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12 responses to “Boredom

  1. anonomousangel

    Fall in love with a guy who doesn’t like you back…. You’ll be all preoccupied with angst and no longer bored. Trust me =)

  2. aislinnoc

    Maybe he does like you back, and he’s just in a quandary because he can’t decide between the girl who appears to be right for him, and who he’s already dating, and the girl who is utterly perfect for him in every way (THAT’S YOU! I’M KINDA TAKING A BIT OF LICENSE HERE, BUT STILL!!!), and he’s just bound by the fact that he thinks he’d be a horrible person if he broke up with the girlfriend just because he thought you might be better.
    Just be awesome, you’ll win him over eventually. And if you don’t, you still have a good friend!

  3. Have you tried the wonderful word of streaming manga or downloading eBooks?
    they may help sate the boredom for a while

  4. Become an anime geek and start cosplaying everyone and everything?

  5. No,don’t do that,for the love of God please don’t do that!!!

  6. …you likely would…this is the problem you see, we’d end up having to drag you tearfully behind the woodshed and putting both barrels between your bewildered little eyes.

  7. aislinnoc

    But I’d only squeal when you’re not looking. Or buy you earplugs? How would that do?

    Ah, fine, I won’t cosplay. Yeesh, the things I do for the sake of not dying.

  8. But if you don’t, then all of us Eirtaku will come and kill you for backing out and being a wuss. 😡

  9. …But if she does it then me and Lenny will kill her…I know who my money is on. There’s nothing wrong with cosplaying…but the combo of Lil’ Aislinn and cosplaying is something that worries me.

  10. aislinnoc

    I can’t win! Death is imminent!

    I think I should cosplay, so, sure I may as well have some fun before I die.
    Wait ’til EpicCon, Mark, you’ll be amazed. =D
    So, Chris, no killing, plzkthxbai. =D

  11. Hey, these prop swords aren’t as blunt, and prop guns as disabled as you might think…

    And I think I know cosplayers that you need to worry about more than Aislinn would.

    (Psst, come to Eirtakon this year!)

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