The Sky is Everywhere
is a book by Jandy Nelson, which I bought last week when Dave was picking up birthday presents for his sister, which happened to be books which were on 3 for 2, so I picked this up, as I had been thinking about reading it.

Anyways, the story is quite good, it’s engaging, I read it within about a day and a half, and it’s not a particularly short book, so even though I read fast, it evidently sucked me in (which is NOT something I can say for Son of a Witch, which must have been sitting on the stairs for two weeks now. It’s just not that engaging. Sorry. I love me some chick-lit and teenage fiction. Son of a Witch is most definitely not that.)

In any case, the book, I enjoyed it, a typical teenage fiction book, thankfully NOT about supernatural beings, although I do love me some books about supernatural beings, because they tend to be so terribly awful (Twilight? Specifically Breaking Dawn, that was abominable? Fallen? Kissed By An Angel?) I thoroughly enjoy revelling in their spectacular awfulness and predictability, but this was not one of those books. This was a book I actually thought I might enjoy reading. And I did, yeah. It wasn’t particularly thought-provoking, but it was, you know, entertaining.

But the POINT, what I’m trying to say here (is actually, that I don’t want to study, so I’m writing a blog post to entertain myself while I try to avoid looking at the French notes sitting on the desk next to me…)
But anyways, see the cover of the book, which I’ve put a picture of at the top of this post? Yeah, it’s blue. And the sky is blue, I get that, yeah, I like blue (Actually, I like purple better, but blue is perfectly acceptable, like, I’ve got nothing AGAINST blue, per se, but still, yeah, purple for the win) but there’s a reason why books are black printed on white, isn’t there?
I mean, don’t books tend to be printed in black on white because that’s the easiest to read? This book? No, it flouts convention.
The print is, eh, blue.

I thought that was so weird! I mean, okay, the book has kind of a thing about blue. And there are a lot of photos in it of poems, but they SHOULD be in colour, ’cause, like, they’re photos. But the actual print? Blue? I wasn’t too happy about that! It was quite disconcerting, really, because when I was reading, I was as much looking at the print (which, have I mentioned, was BLUE?) as I was reading the words. And, for me, I think that kind of detracted from the story itself.
Oh, and it had an elastic band around it. Also strange. In fact, it’s just a weirdly published book. Good story, weird publishing. Yeah!

Actually, I really only bought this book because I had thought Sinéad wanted to read it, but I was clearly wrong, ’cause she wanted to read Before I Fall, not The Sky is Everywhere, but I don’t regret buying the book, it was enjoyable enough, but STILL? Blue? WEIRD.
Just sayin’.



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