Review 7

200px-The_HostIs this number 7? I have no idea. I think it is. I think I’ve done six so far.
In any case, this time we’re reviewing the delightful book Dave lent to me in the last few days… The Host, by Stephenie Meyer.
Yes, I know. Meyer. Yes, her. Yes, the Twilight author. Yes, I know, stop looking at me like that. This is not a good review. Well, to be fair, I’ll mention a few good things. But mostly, well, no.

The Good: It’s engrossing. Like all of Meyer’s books, once you get into it, you do want to see how it ends, even if the ending makes you want to bang your head against a brick wall, which this kind of did.
Besides this, it’s a really interesting concept. For anyone who’s ever read the Animorphs books, the basic concept is the same, in that an alien race has taken over Earth and the human race by implanting themselves in human brains. But the problem is, they never realised how self-aware most humans are, and our protagonist, Wanderer, ends up with a host who refuses to just disappear and remains in the corner of her own brain, yelling at the alien invader.
So, concept, good. I love me a bit of fantasy, some aliens, so on and so forth. But this is Meyer. Execution? Not so good.

The Bad: Well, it’s Meyer, so every second word is an adjective. If you didn’t realise the first time that the dust was purple, it’s okay, she’ll beat you over the head with it so many times that you’ll be astounded when she mentions some other characteristic of the dust. And that’s only one example. The characters are, as ever, one-dimensional, Wanda, our protagonist, being agonisingly torn over how terrible the whole alien invasion thing is, and realising that she’s a MONSTER and deserves to be killed, but also really really wants the humans to LIKE her! Please like her! She needs to be loved!

The plot is, well, facetious, to be honest. The whole dilemma of having two people in one head isn’t really all that well played out. I was bored by the whole thing, to be honest.
The execution, as a whole, was poor. The “tension” wasn’t tense. The climax was lacklustre. The whole dilemma thing in the end of the book? Yawn.
And in typical Meyer form, everyone lives happily ever after. EVERYONE. Even the evil ones who were trying to kill everyone else. Ugh, puke.
But there was a surprising apparent endorsement of underage sex in the closing pages?

The ugly: two out of five. And I only give it that because I did read it fairly fast, and I enjoyed the pain it caused in my head. In terms of awfulness, it’s more awful than Twilight, but not AS awful as Breaking Dawn. So, yeah.
Similar: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, all by Stephenie Meyer


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  1. Tom

    First I hate Meyer, and second I haven’t heard mention of Animorphs in fookin years!! 😀 Haha. Oh, your website makes my desk green… Tis cool. 😛 Handlebar moustache >> :{

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