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I’m going to the cinema on Tuesday.
I won tickets to a screening of a film in town on Tuesday.

So in preparation, I thought I’d read the source material, the book it was based on. I’ve read it before, it’s very good.
Before I Die, by Jenny Downham, is the source material. I read it a few months ago.

So I took it upon myself to find the book today. I was under the vague impression that it was in my room, so I went to my bookcase and searched through it. Not there, nope.

So I checked my pile of books in front of my bookcase. No success there. Desk? Nope. Under my bed? Not a chance.
Spare bed? No.
On the floor? Nope to that too.

So I moved on to my sister’s bedroom. Checked her bookcase, her shelves, etc. Nothing there.

My other sister’s bedroom? Well, that’s an undertaking and a half. Not only does she have two bookcases, she also has three piles of books four feet tall on top of the bookcase, three piles of books (roughly two feet) in front of the bookcase, a pile down the side of her bed and some in her wardrobe. Because everybody keeps books in their wardrobe (??).
I thought I was successful in finding the book. Before I … pick up the book and run with it, wahey!
Except, then when I looked at it again, I was holding Before I Fall. A good book, but not the one I was looking for. Sigh.
So I continued searching my sister’s room.
Still nothing doing there. I’ve also checked my parents’ four bookcases, and the book has yet to show up.

I want Before I Die, I want to read it, I want it to just magically turn up in front of me, some time soon.
In fact,
Now is Good.

Heh heh heh.

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