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Now is Good

Now is Good is a film adaptation of Jenny Downham’s Before I Die, a beautiful exposition of a 17-year-old girl’s bucket list before she dies of terminal leukaemia.
I love the book, I really do.

I won tickets on the Eason Book Club Facebook, for which I’m very grateful, to see Now is Good in the new Odeon in the Point Village.

So here I am, reviewing the film!

The Good: The book is excellent. The film is also excellent. It’s a gorgeous film about a young girl who’s trying to cram as much as possible into the rest of her life. It’s moving and emotional without being schmaltzy or too maudlin. Dakota Fanning really shows a range of emotions, from the rebellious teenager to the devastated cancer sufferer. Her parents are polar opposites, both struggling to deal with the reality of her illness, but both incredibly well-portrayed. I think my favourite character was her little brother, who came out with some absolutely stellar lines.
And, of course, Adam, the love interest, was portrayed very well. I really believed their relationship. Plus, he was beautiful, which never hurts.

The Bad: I found Tessa’s accent really jarring, especially for the first half of the film. As we got further in, and I got more invested, I forgot about it, though.
I also missed a few inclusions of side stories, but that always happens when using books as source material – there’s just more space for exposition.
I also was a little confused by the ending of the film, but perhaps that’s because I’m a little dim. There were scenes which I wasn’t sure were real or imagined, and this isn’t Inception we’re talking about, so I found it a little jarring.
It was a small thing, though.

The Ugly: Four out of Five.
Beautiful film. Well worth seeing, it was gorgeous and I was nothing but a bawling mess for the last fifteen minutes.
However, that might to be due to my overactive tear ducts. Sinéad managed to get through it dry-eyed. But then, she has no heart, so make of that what you will


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