Review: Requiem

20130421-015118.jpgA little while ago now, I managed to get my hands on a copy of Lauren Oliver’s Requiem, the third book in her Delirium trilogy. I read it, but then forgot about it, so I may as well do a quick review of it here.

So basically this is the third time we’ve ventured into Lauren Oliver’s dystopian future Appalachia, where love is a disease, amor deliria nervosa, and all adults have had a procedure to ‘cure’ them of the ability to feel love.

There are a few spoilers, most likely, so don’t read on if you haven’t read the first two books in the trilogy.

The Good: Oliver is a great writer. I have thoroughly enjoyed every book of hers I have read, although admittedly this is only number four.
The characters are established, the universe is complex, the tension is high, the threads of most things which were established in the first two books are all coming together in this high-tension finale. The prose style is beautiful, the characters and their reactions are believable and likeable, and the drama is visceral. It’s a good end to the trilogy.

The Bad: I was left feeling a little flat. There were deaths and losses and reunions and love and confusion and all sorts of emotions running high throughout the whole book, but I just wasn’t affected by that much of it. And I’m generally quite easily affected. I have tear ducts very close to the surface.
The other thing which really jarred with me, although this was through the whole trilogy more than just this particular trilogy, was that it felt a little formulaic. It’s very similar, thematically, to Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies trilogy. So although I enjoyed both trilogies, when I made my way through this one, I just felt like it had been done before.
And one thing which really really bugged me was that in a novella set before Requiem, Raven, a plot point about Raven was revealed which was never followed up. Not a hint, not a flash, not even a tiny shred of a mention of it. Very strange and very irritating.

The Ugly: I did enjoy it. It was a good book and a good trilogy. But it fell a little flat and felt a little like it had been done before. I also felt that it was weaker than its two predecessors.
*** out of *****

Also try: Before I Fall, by Lauren Oliver, The Uglies Trilogy by Scott Westerfeld.



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