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I have a variety of things which I was going to talk about today, but none of them are really long enough for a whole blog post.

I was gonna talk about anonymity, but I’ve talked about that before, and it’s getting dull.

I was gonna talk about the ice cream girls on itv and how different it was to the book, but all I really had was that it’s very different to the book, and I’m not sure I liked it. So that’s not exactly a full length blog post.

I was gonna point out that Alex is here this weekend, and that makes me happy, but if I go on about that for too long Sinéad might puke and send me bad vibes over the internet, so scratch that.

I will point out that every time Alex stands up from my bed he forgets that I have an attic room and smacks his head off the ceiling, which is both hilarious and upsetting, because he looks so cute and upset, and surprised. I don’t really get the surprised, cuz he’s done it like, three times in the last three hours.

Speaking of Alex again, he’s watching an episode of Elementary, right? So I’m not watching it, but I’m listening. And in any case, this person comes on, I don’t know who, and starts explaining to this guy who has a pacemaker that each pacemaker has an individual ID number, and if you get that, you can programme the pacemaker to do whatever you want. This guy used it to kill someone, but I doubt he’d do that.
However, if I did get a pacemaker, I have very little doubt that Alex would try to find the ID number and programme it, which would lead to a world of hurt for me, so I will have to attempt to steer clear of them for a while.

Other things – cooking is far more fun when you’re cooking for two – I hate cooking for myself, it’s much more enjoyable when I’m feeding Alex too. Although that just raises a whole bunch of new issues about who has to chop the vegetables and who has to wash up and so on and so forth, but that is way more fun than doing the cooking for one and then doing all the washing up too.

And lastly, yesterday’s chocolate bar, which I ate today, but had to share with Alex, boo-urns, was strange, and I think the addition of smarties detracted from the popping candy. Also I didn’t taste any jelly bits. Maybe Alex had them.
Lastly, I forgot to tell Alex there was popping candy in the chocolate, so when he ate it, he had this really surprised look on his face, which was quite entertaining.


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