50 Facts About Me

Kellie sent me a text the other day, asking if I had thought about doing a 50 facts about me blog post. I’ve never thought of doing one before, and this list will probably end up being incredibly dull, but here we go. Fifty things which you may not have known about me (unless you’re my sister, in which case you probably know all of these things, but I’m sorry, I’m boring. You try come up with fifty things about yourself!)

1. I’m not entirely sure what height I am. The last time I measured myself I got five foot one and three quarters, but when my sisters measured me about a year later, they said I was lying, and I’m actually only five foot one.

2. I love cereal, even though I hate milk, and will eat cereal at pretty much any time of the day or night.

3. Although I never wear any make-up now, when I was about thirteen, I decided that I needed to wear make-up every day. However, given that my mother and older sister don’t wear make-up, my first forays into this arena were disastrous, and I never really developed an interest in it again.

4. When I go to dog races (which, admittedly, is not often) I always back dog number 4 in any given race.

5. This is for two reasons – a) my birthday is in April, the fourth month and b) my birthday is the 13th, and 1+3=4

6. I learned this trick from a Dick Francis book. But I don’t remember which one.

7. Even though I have no real interest in horse racing, I’ve read every Dick Francis book and quite a number of John Francome books.

8. The first Dick Francis book I ever read was Longshot. I read this while on holidays with my family in France in (I think) 2003. I tried to hide the fact that I was reading it from my dad, as I thought he wouldn’t approve of my reading it. He knew well what I was doing, though.

9. When I was younger, I used to get in trouble most often for reading books after I had been sent to bed. My brother used to burst into my room trying to catch me with the lamp on after I was supposed to be asleep. I used to think I was excellent at hiding that I was reading, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realised that a lamp being on can be seen from the landing.

10. Although I have a hard time picking favourites, I very definitely have a favourite colour, which is purple. I even went so far as to get my masters thesis bound in purple, as we weren’t given specific colour instructions.

11. Whenever I get discouraged by the thought of how much work it will take to finish the PhD I’m currently a sixth of the way through, I remind myself that if I dropped out, I’d have to give back my iPad. Surprisingly, it works every time at convincing myself to keep going.

12. I have a strange obsession with cards. I still have my birthday cards displayed in my bedroom. My birthday, as I may have mentioned already, was in April.

13. I have an especially strong fascination with cards from Alex – I bully him into producing them, anything up to nine months after the date they’re supposed to be for. I also have a variety of cards from him displayed in my bedroom.

14. Even though it’s currently 1am, and he’s asleep, I have Alex on skype tonight. I’ll hang up in a bit. To be fair, he fell asleep mid-conversation, and I thought originally that he might wake up. I was wrong.

15. I really, really like ginger nut biscuits. When I was writing my masters thesis, I used to go through a few packets a week, because they cost 39c in Dunnes and they were something to eat while I was trying to write.

16. Generally, when writing lists, I’ll vary between letters and numbers within the same list. I’m not doing that today, because Kellie said fifty facts, and there are only twenty six letters.

17. I’ve broken a leg and I’ve broken an arm, and I’d say breaking the leg was far worse, in terms of sheer awkwardness.

18. I have two county medals in community games for backstroke.

19. I won those medals by default, because nobody else competed.

20. I would have won a third, except I accidentally crashed into a lane barrier by swimming diagonally.

21. I have a lot of trouble with straight lines – I can’t draw one, even with a set square.

22. I also can’t walk in a straight line, unless I’m given one to walk along. This has often led to me cutting across my sisters’ path, and their getting very frustrated at me. It also lost me a swimming race. See two above.

23. I broke my leg at a swimming competition. A few months after I recovered and could swim again, I started self-harming, and couldn’t hide the marks in a swimsuit. I never went back to swimming lessons again after that year.

24. I have a surprisingly good head for phone numbers – I can rattle off both my parents’, all three of my siblings’, both my, Alex’s and several of my friends’ phone numbers without pause for thought.

25. I also have a surprisingly good head for dates. I remember birthdays, often without needing facebook to prompt me.

26. If a blog post is posted at anything before about ten or eleven at night, the chances are very good that I wrote it a few days beforehand and scheduled it.

27. I’m not afraid of spiders, but I don’t like them at all. I have no real issues with killing them, but I’d rather someone else did it for me.

28. I am full-on afraid of mice. Something about them freaks me out, and I will practically shriek if I see one.

29. Even though my dad always gives out to me about it, I keep food in my bedroom.

30. I like counting in fractions. I know that I’m currently one-sixth of the way through my PhD. I’m also currently three-fifths of the way through this list of facts.

31. I have two pairs of Doc Martens. I really, really liked the first pair, which have polka dots, until I got the second pair, which have roses on them. Since I got the second pair, Christmas 2011, I’ve only worn the polka dotted pair once. I feel guilty about this sometimes.

32. I have an awful tendency to repeat myself. I’ll tell someone a story, a factoid or a tidbit of information, and then the next time I’m talking to them, I’ll tell them the same thing again. Alex bears the brunt of this, and hears all my news multiple times. Yet somehow, he still manages to forget it all.

33. A few months ago, I went to band practice, but forgot my clarinet. I had to go home and get it and then come back again. It was one of my more forgetful moments.

34. Although I can speak Irish, I don’t, generally. However, when I’m not in Ireland I feel far more of an impetus to actually make use of the language.

35. Although I have a degree in French, my standard of spoken French is actually atrocious. I’m relatively okay on reading and writing French.

32. I have an awful tendency to repeat myself. I’ll tell someone a story, a factoid or a tidbit of information, and then the next time I’m talking to them, I’ll tell them the same thing again. Alex bears the brunt of this, and hears all my news multiple times. Yet somehow, he still manages to forget it all.

36. I went to four different schools in five different uniforms in two different countries.

37. But I had the same schoolbag from fourth class until fifth year (year five until year 12).

38. When I’m bored, I write blog posts in my head. Most of them never make it onto the blog.

39. When I know I’m going to have a serious conversation, I mentally play out how I think it’s going to go before I actually say anything.

40. My mental conversations never work out the same way as the actual conversations.

41. Although I’ve had a keyboard since I was about seven, I think, I can’t actually play keyboard or piano, beyond three simple pieces (Fur Elise, Mad World and one which I’ve forgotten the name of, which a friend taught me when we were in year seven!)

42. Even though I talk to the same three-five people every day and I know they’d be willing to listen to me, I don’t like talking about any issues I have.

43. Conversely, I love to listen to any issues my friends might have, and relish the feeling that they trust me enough to tell me things.

44. I’m fascinated with marking anniversaries and the passage of time. According to something I read, people are fascinated with the past because they’re afraid of, or don’t know what they want in, their future, but I’m not sure how true that is.

45. I love Nordie accents. I could listen to someone chattering about nothing as long as they keep that accent up.

46. But I hate the accent of Gaeilge Uladh. I don’t know why the difference in language makes such a difference in my opinion, but it does.

47. Even though I love my name, there are time that I could kill my dad for picking an unusual spelling of it.

48. Unlike most people I know, I have only four first cousins. Two are big, two are small, and all four of them are totally great.

49. Even though I’ve read all of John Green’s books, and can’t really find fault with any of them, I don’t like John Green as a writer. This is probably worthy of a blog post on its own. I’ll elaborate on this some other day, so I’ll give you a new fact 49.

49a. I read a lot. My Kindle (which has a purple case) is one of the first things I put in almost every bag I bring out with me. I don’t know how many books I’ve read this year, but it’s more than twenty. I always intend to review the books I read, but I get very lazy. I also tried keeping a list of the books I was reading with a website, laisin, but I was too lazy for that, too.

50. I have always hated my middle name – Patricia. I felt that my older sister should have been blessed with it, given that she was born on St Patrick’s day. My parents, however, decided to be original, and not name her that. The last time I renewed my passport, I took Patricia off it. However, it’s still on my degrees and on my driver’s license. Since my gran passed away, I’ve become a little more fond of the name, so I don’t think I’ll be deleting it from anything else any time soon.

51.  your turn.
Write a fact you know about me in the comments. Write a fact about you in the comments. Write fifty facts about you and post it on your blog! I was peer pressured into this and thus, you should be too!



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3 responses to “50 Facts About Me

  1. I’ll accept your challenge, because I’m bored and I really like talking about myself 😀

  2. Yay! I look forward to reading!

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