Before I Die

I’ve blogged before about this book in my house which mysteriously disappeared (Before I Die, by Jenny Downham). I think it was about a year ago now that I was looking for this book and couldn’t find it anywhere.
I remembered it again a couple of weeks ago, when Sinéad was tidying her room and specifically her books. I thought it might show up then, and I’d be able to read it. It’s a good book, okay? I mean, sure, it’s about a girl dying of cancer, but it’s a good book!

Anyways, weeks pass, and I came home for my summer holidays. These have been possibly the least relaxing holidays I’ve ever been on, because I’ve been trying to go as many places and see as many people as possible, but I’m certainly enjoying them.
In any case, in the course of my holidays, I ended up at Alex’s mum’s house, chatting to his little sister, when I see that she has this book on her bookshelf.

Thoroughly excited, I asked if I could borrow it, and she said sure, no problem. I brought it home, and showed it to Sinéad, who wasn’t quite as excited as me, and then I left it on the kitchen table.

At this point, I should probably admit that I left this side of the country for a week. I went to mayo, to cork and to limerick, gallivanting around with Alex and having a whale of a time.

Naturally, when I came back, I looked for this book. It wasn’t on the kitchen table but I hadn’t really expected that. Unfortunately, though, it also wasn’t on the kitchen chairs, or in any of the usual suspected places, such as on top of the breadbin, in the sitting room, the family room, my room, buried under mounds of clothes or, well, anywhere.

I’ve searched high and low for this book, partly because I want to read it, and more importantly because it’s not actually mine, so I feel quite bad about losing it, but I honestly cannot find it. I can only conclude that my house has eaten it.

This is, of course, doubly bizarre because the house has eaten the same book before. I mean, it is a very good book, which I guess makes it a tasty book for the house to eat? But I wish it hadn’t, because I really, really liked that book.

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