C25K – W6D1

Wow. Week 6 already. To be honest, I didn’t think I’d get this far, not least because of my temper tantrum and attempt to quit last week. But here I am, still going, and running! Or really, shuffling/jogging/plodding/I’m not sure what, but you can’t call it running.

Today was the first day that it’s actually been raining while I was out. There was one time in week one or two that I went out with my sister, but it miraculously stopped raining just after we left the house, so all we had to deal with was a few puddles. That wasn’t too bad, I have to admit. Running in the rain today was pretty horrendous. I was terrified my phone was going to get water damaged, and I was really unimpressed with the trails of water dripping down my back from my ponytail, as well as the unfortunate tendency water has to collect on the end of my nose and fall off when I least expect it.
Also, when I got in, I was covered in tiny bits of muck, so after stretching and collapsing on my bed, I realised that I had left quite the collection of tiny shreds of gross stuff on the bed behind me. Not impressed with that, won’t be doing it again! Next time it’s raining I’ll lie on the floor or something, and Hoover after.

Anyways, as for the actual running – it never gets any easier! You would think that today would have been better than the last day, because I had walking breaks and there was less cumulative running, but no. It was still mega tough. I managed to restrain myself from the constant clock watching, by worrying that I’d water damage my phone (which Alex only fixed for me two weeks ago after I cracked the screen) so I didn’t check it very often at all. I did, however, manage to pause the clock in the middle of one run, and then have a panic while I tried to find the resume button while not stopping running.

Furthermore, I was gripped by the desperate call of my bladder midway through the middle run, which was decidedly inconvenient. It then increased in intensity throughout the next ten minutes until I had to stop and mentally tell myself I only had five minutes left, and then I could go home. Very uncomfortable. Very stupid thing to do. Next time I will remember to take a bathroom break before I go (what a stupid mistake to make, like).

Other than that, I’m pretty pleased with how today went. Another day down. By the time I get to the end of this week, I’ll have company for a few runs, as well, because my sister is coming over to visit. Woohoo!



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3 responses to “C25K – W6D1

  1. I’m so jealous, I still have W5D3 to do tomorrow then I can start week 6 on Tuesday. Well done for getting it done in the rain!

  2. Well done for sticking with it AND in the rain too! 🙂

  3. The rain was awful! I was cold from the rain and warm from the running – I couldn’t decide what I was!

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