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This is a continuation of Thursday’s post, which was about books, and tiny reviews of the last few books I’ve read, so without further ado, let’s get back to that!

Hades: Alexandra Adornetto

121This is the second in a trilogy about a trio of angels sent to a sleepy town somewhere in … New England, I think? Anyways, they’re there to right the balance of the cosmic order and of course the narrator, a young angel pretending to be a sixteen year old girl, falls in love with a human. This is the first book and it’s all very twee and they have their true love and everything.
The second book, which is this one, Hades, is a bit more interesting, in that this angel, Beth, is kidnapped by a demon and literally dragged to hell. But that’s about the only interesting part of it. After that it’s a dull litany of escape attempts and rescue attempts and something about a cosmic war? I don’t remember, it was very dull and I didn’t enjoy it. There’s a third book, Heaven, but I don’t know if I can stand trudging through it.
It was written by a sixteen-year-old, and it reads that way.
One star.

Angel Fever: LA Weatherly

17558838This (oddly enough, from the title) is also about angels. This is the third in a trilogy. This kind of angel is different to the heavenly beings above, though, in that they’re parasitic energy vampires who give humans a range of ailments and eventually make them lose their minds with what’s known as ‘angel burn’. Oh, and they also convince you that you love it while you’re doing it.
This series has actually been really enjoyable. The love story between Willow and Alex is kind of trite (plus, I just imagine my Alex whenever a character is named Alex) but other than that it’s an intriguing concept. Given that I don’t think I’ve mentioned the first two Angel books on this blog before, I won’t ruin the story or anything, I’ll just say that I really did enjoy this trilogy, even if it did have some weak points. A little bit predictable, but very enjoyable nonetheless.
Three stars!

Goddess: Josephine Angelini

goddessThis, also, is the third book in a trilogy. This time it’s the Starcrossed trilogy, the first two books of which are Starcrossed and Dreamless.
This is a modern twist on Greek Gods. It’s a bit like Percy Jackson, although I haven’t read Percy Jackson, in that the characters are all the descendants of the Greek Gods, and this book is the climax of all that it’s been building up to.
Starcrossed lovers Helen and Lucas think they’re cousins, a war is brewing with the Gods, the four Houses have been united, a prophecy is about to come true, and basically everything is getting really dark and scary.
The modern day story is crossed with memories of previous Helens, previous incarnations, including the original Helen of Troy and Paris, Lancelot and Guinevere, possibly Romeo and Juliet? and probably some others I can’t remember.
Anyways. There’s a big war brewing, basically, and everything is going down the same way it did before. I enjoyed this book a lot. I really did. The trilogy got better as it went along and I liked the modern twist on the war of Troy and it just flung Greek mythology (which I love) around like it was nothing.
I take issue with their use of the word starcrossed. I also am not entirely sure I agree with their Atlantis legend, but whatever. My main problem with this trilogy was that it was a bit forgettable. When I started reading Goddess, I realised that I had forgotten everything that had preceded it, and had to re-read the books to make sure I knew where I was. I did enjoy it though!
Four Stars!


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