Gemma Malley

I posted last week about reading The Declaration by Gemma Malley.
It’s the first in a trilogy, and I read the second and third shortly after, so I figured I may as well throw up an opinion on them, too.

So! Books numbers two and three are called:
The Resistance and
The Legacy
And they’re both by Gemma Malley too, shockingly enough.

I read these both in quick succession, so the story of the two kind of blends together.

I enjoyed them both, though!
As with any dystopian trilogy, the later books expanded on the impact on a wider society of the particular dystopian trigger – in this case, longevity. We got to see more of the resistance, find out more about the company manufacturing Longevity and get introduced properly to the Big Bad of the series – Pincent, of Pincent Pharma, head of the company which manufactures the drug which necessitated the Declaration and the outlawing of procreation.

I had relatively few complaints about this series. I did enjoy the trilogy as a whole. That’s probably because I like dystopia as a genre, though.

Those complaints I did have: I kind of saw the end of the third book coming. There were two big reveals and I had them both pegged relatively early.
The character of Anna, I felt, was done quite a disservice in the latter two books. In the first book she was afraid, certainly, and it took her a while to come around to the idea of freedom and agency and the value of human life, but in the second and third books she devolved into nothing more than Anna: mother. If cannot procreate, then have no worth. I found that disappointing, and it didn’t really do her character justice, I felt.
Oh, and I suppose the books felt a bit simplistic, but I guess that’s what happens when you read children’s books as an adult, so I can’t really criticise them for that.

Three stars for both books.


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