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Frosty Fancies

I like cake, in general. I like to bake. I especially like to eat the things I bake.

When it comes to small cakes covered in icing, you can’t beat a French Fancy. I always associate them with my family, especially my family in Cork, and thus they have very strong happy thoughts for me.

In the last number of years, Mr Kipling has started bringing out a variety of seasonal fancy cakes. For Valentine’s day there are fondest fancies which are, as you may guess, pink. For Hallowe’en, there are Fiendish Fancies, which are orange with black icing.

And for Christmas? Ah, for Christmas. There is the Frosty Fancy.

Last year, as far as I’m aware, is the first year that Frosty Fancies were available. But I was in France for the majority of the lead up to Christmas the year before that, so I could easily be wrong.

In any case. The Frosty Fancy is everything that is good about the French Fancy, with none of the bad stuff.
Oodles of delicious icing? Check.
No not-quite-as-delicious chocolate ones which get left behind and eaten grudgingly when all the pink ones are gone.
No fights over who gets to eat which ones so nobody gets stuck with the aforementioned chocolate ones.

And they are ten times more delicious than the regular French Fancy.
In a normal box, it goes chocolate (meh), yellow (getting there) and pink (yes!).
But Frosty Fancies are an entire box of white, and they are fantabulous.

I know that it seems like I’m really gushing about these cakes, but last December, I made Sinéad walk around Superquinn with me for about fifteen minutes looking for these babies.

Therefore, seeing them in a shop yesterday (and for only a pound!) was pretty much the highlight of my week.
Christmas, here I come, and I may well be two or three stone of cake heavier by then!


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