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Books and questions

1. Where is one place you always bring a book?

Everywhere. I mean that literally. If I have a bag with me, my kindle is in it, meaning that I’ve brought a few hundred books with me.

2. What is one of your favorite quotes?

“Does the walker choose the path, or the path the walker?” – Garth Nix

3. Can you read in noisy places or do you need silence?

I can read anywhere. A few weeks ago, when Alex was driving to his mom’s, he had just given me a book, so I was reading it. The astonishment on his face that I was reading while in a car was quite entertaining, but I can read anywhere. I do the majority of my reading on trains, while commuting to and from college.

4. Name a book you are dying to read!

I’m really, really looking forward to Clariel by Garth Nix – the Old Kingdom Trilogy is probably my favourite, like, ever. I’m also really looking forward to Crash by Sean Williams, the second in the Twinmaker trilogy.
And lastly, through sheer frustration, I really want to read the Magician’s Apprentice by Trudi Canavan, simply because I’ve been trying to get my sister’s copy off her since Christmas, and I’ve run into obstacles every time.

5. What was the last book you read? Did you like it?

I’ve just finished Stardust by Neil Gaiman. I did enjoy it a lot, but I was prejudiced against it because Sinéad said the film is better. Watching the film is now on my to-do list, so I have even higher expectations of the film now that I know I enjoyed the book a lot more than I expected to. It had better be great!

6. What is one author you wish had written more books?

I wish Garth Nix had written more books, but, to his credit, he’s still writing (Clariel is due out at the end of this year and I am practically salivating with anticipation about it).
So given that it should probably be someone who’s not going to produce any more works, I’m going to go with Diana Wynne Jones – I wish there were more Chrestomanci books: how does Cat get on with his gryphon???

7. Is there a book you wish you had never read? Which?

Nope! Even the really terrible books which I’ve wasted my time reading (and there have been a lot of them) have at least given me something interesting to complain about.
If I had to pick a book which I wish I hadn’t read, it would probably be one of the Danielle Steele ones – one book was enough to tell me that I would not like her books, and yet I decided to read more. Silly Aislinn.

8. What is your favorite genre of books?

That’s a toughie. I really like Young Adult. And I also like dystopia. And I like fantasy. Not just YA fantasy, but all fantasy.

Yes, fantasy. I’m going to go with fantasy.

9. How do you find new books to read?

I find books in bookshops, online, from recommendations, and I’ve just started using GoodReads. I also sometimes use Buzzfeed books lists – they’ve thrown up some interesting one!

10. Do you have a “book buddy” – someone you recommend books to and someone who gives recommendations back? 

I do indeed! My sister Sinéad has basically identical taste in books to me, to the extent that our book collections are inextricably intertwined. There are many series which we both own some of, and when we eventually try to separate our books from each other, it will be a little like divorce proceedings – a long and drawn-out process in which we will fight bitterly over certain books and leave others crying sadly in a corner. We have read basically all the same books – to the extent that a few weeks ago, when Sinéad was reading A Clash of Kings (I think??), she looked up and asked me about some plot point. Then she remembered I couldn’t answer (because I haven’t read A Song of Ice and Fire) and the sigh of frustration which came out of her was actually very entertaining.

Pretty much every book I read, I will tell her about, and she’s fairly likely to then read it herself. This week we both read Ella Minnow Pea, for example.

11. What book do you want as a movie? 

I cannot WAIT for If I Stay to come out. I’ve mentioned before how much I love it (see review here) and when watching the trailer a few weeks ago I succumbed to a certain amount of teariness. I am itching for it to be released.


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