Book #54: Stardust

stardust-400x400-imadzshgmbn8hhhmStardust, by Neil Gaiman, is a book which registered on my radar years ago, but that I never actually got around to reading. I knew Sinéad had read it, although she borrowed it from a boyfriend at the time, so I never got to read it after her. In fact, I suspect she may have broken up with him before she finished it, so that must have been an awkward return of the book.

In any case! A few weeks ago, the Guardian ran a promotion where if you bought their Saturday edition, Stardust came free with it. So I wandered out on the Saturday, and called into not one, but TWO Sainsbury’s in search of Stardust. But I did find it. So that was something anyways.

Stardust tells the story of a young man, Tristram, who sets out in search of a star, to bring back to his ‘true love’. Unfortunately, the star turns out to be very different to his expectations, not least because it fell in Faerie, a land of mysterious and magical happenings.

It’s not a long book, barely 200 pages, and I read it very quickly – I think I had it finished within a day or two.
I enjoyed the read, and would rate it quite highly – I was a little doubtful, because Sinéad had said that it was one of very few books where she enjoyed the movie adaptation more, but she said that this was due to the ending, and I do agree that the ending felt a little flat – it ended not so much with a bang as with a whimper.
Even still, I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and would give it four stars.


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