Book #5 – What Alice Forgot

91p5sUgpAQL._SL1500_ I actually read this book because I got ‘The Husband’s Secret (will be reviewed eventually… probably) for Christmas, and the first chapter of this was in the back of the book. Good sales technique, publishers… In any case.
What Alice Forgot – Liane Moriarty

Alice is 29, married to a wonderful man, and expecting her first child, with the support of her wonderful sister, who is also her best friend. Except she falls and hits her head, and when she wakes up, she’s 39, and in a gym. What’s up with that? She doesn’t even like gyms? She also seems to have morphed into a super-skinny stay-at-home competitive divorced mum with three children, and a sister who no longer likes to talk to her.

Somehow, Alice has to find out where the last decade of her life has gone, how she’s changed so drastically and, most importantly, whether she wants things to stay the way they were, or the way they are now.

This is a pretty light and fluffy novel – a pretty standard chick-lit. I whipped through it in a day or two, and enjoyed it. It wasn’t the most entrancing novel I’ve ever read, and Liane Moriarty, sadly, is not a patch on her sister Jaclyn Moriarty, who wrote the Brookfield/Ashbury novels (which I ADORE), but nonetheless, it’s an easy read.

This book reminded me a lot of Sophie Kinsella’s Remember Me?, inasmuch as a kind of nice, average woman suddenly wakes up as a super-woman who’s toned and tanned and basically perfect in every way – except that she’s become a bitch and lost all her friends along the way. My essential issue with both of these books, though, is that the memory loss really removes any accountability on the part of the protagonist for becoming such a super-bitch. They’re stumbling around, bewildered, and wondering why their friends don’t like them, and it’s not their fault, when really, it is her fault. She just can’t remember.

Even so, it was fine – an enjoyable read, and light enough that it was perfect for tripping through on the train into work/uni.

Three Stars


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