Book #96 – Lexicon

lexicon-pb-u110I picked this book up, together with The Girl with all the Gifts, a few months ago, and read it while I was home over the summer – the blurb intrigued me so much that day that I bought it, even though I had gone in with the intention of picking up a fantasy book. Still, though, I don’t regret my decision!

Lexicon – Max Barry


Sticks and stones break bones.

Words kill.

They recruited Emily from the streets. They said it was because she’s good with words.

They’ll live to regret it.

Wil survived something he shouldn’t have. But he doesn’t remember it.

Now they’re after him and he doesn’t know why.

There’s a word, they say. It shouldn’t have got out. But it did.

And they want it back…

I knew very little about this book before I went into it. I saw it in the shop, I picked it up, I read it a few weeks later. I found the premise hugely original – the idea that words could be used like a sort of hypnosis, taking the art of coercion to new levels.

Lexicon was the sort of book which unfolds as you read it, with nothing being revealed until it has to be. There were a few little twists which I saw coming, and others which I didn’t – the best kind of book, I think.
Lexicon was at once both a sweeping examination of the human condition and a smaller love story, entwined together, jumping between time spans and sweeping me up into the story of the master word, what it did, and how much people were willing to do to get to it.
I devoured this book in only two days, and would happily recommend it.

Four stars

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