Book #150 – Far From You

20517739Sinéad sent me a link to this months ago, as she thought I might like it – and also thought she might like it, but that’s by the by – and I have to say, I agreed. Look at that cover! Doesn’t it remind you a lot of the Gone Girl cover? And the other Gillian Flynn books, too. Thus, given how much I enjoyed them, and the similar-looking cover, I was sold on this one. Plus, the blurb was pretty awesome-sounding. Sign me up! Far From You – Tess Sharpe

Nine months. Two weeks. Six days.

That’s how long recovering addict Sophie’s been drug-free. Four months ago her best friend, Mina, died in what everyone believes was a drug deal gone wrong – a deal they think Sophie set up. Only Sophie knows the truth. She and Mina shared a secret, but there was no drug deal. Mina was deliberately murdered.

Forced into rehab for an addiction she’d already beaten, Sophie’s finally out and on the trail of the killer – but can she track them down before they come for her?

I enjoyed this book a lot – it had two separate but related stories, really – one of Sophie and Mina’s relationship, and one of the hunt for Mina’s killer. The interaction between the two was, at times, choppy. The book plays out through a series of flashbacks which paint the story of Sophie’s accident, struggle with subsequent addiction, blossoming feelings for others and the struggle all the characters face with the extraordinary circumstances they all shared. Nothing about the murder, though – that’s all in the present day, as Sophie and Trevor (Mina’s brother) try to piece together the story of why Mina was killed, which, predictably, ends up pissing off all the wrong people and putting them in grave danger themselves.

There’s a lot going on in this book, and most of it is done quite well – it was a lot of balls to juggle, but I was engrossed for most of it. There were a few moments which jarred for me, and sometimes the characters were a little unbelievable – why, exactly, was everyone in love with Sophie, when she was a cranky drug addict, for example – but for the most part, I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

Four Stars



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