2014 Round-up

I realise that it’s now the twelfth of January, so it’s taken me a ridiculous length of time to actually post a round-up of 2014, but I’m lazy, and it took me until this weekend to actually review all of the books I’m going to review this week.

So now we’re going to do a sort of round-up post of the year in books, which I think should be quite interesting, but mostly it’ll just be lots of silly statistics. But that will keep me entertained for a while, anyways!

In 2014, I read 154 books. They’re listed here.

My GoodReads year roundup is here, although it thinks I read 155 books, and is counting some short stories as full books. I think I might have forgotten to include some books on that, since it disagrees with my official list, but oh well.

According to GoodReads, I gave one 1* rating, 9 2* ratings, 67 3* ratings, 70 4* and 7 5* ratings. I read 57,670 pages, and the longest book I read was City of Heavenly Fire, at 725 pages. Also, the vast, vast majority of the books I read in 2014 were published in the 21st century – maybe 25 of them were pre-2000 publications. That graph is hard to read, though.

According, then, to my own list, of the 154 full books which made it onto my list, there were 73 different authors. The author I read the most of was Sarah Dessen, with 11 books, and the second was Diana Wynne Jones, at ten books. Cassandra Clare came third, with nine and a half books (as she co-wrote The Iron Trial with Holly Black).

I read more than one book by 27 of my 73 authors, and only one book by the other 46.

I reviewed 134 of my 154 books, which is a figure I’m pretty pleased with.
In terms of genre breakdown, I made a pie chart!

Fantasy is the biggest genre, closely followed by Dystopia, with Women’s Fiction and YA Fiction following up at 18% each – although technically YA fiction is bigger, since it was 28 books, and Women’s Fiction was 27.

Of the 154 books I read, 62 were standalone books, and 92 were parts of series. 136 were books I’d read for the first time, and 18 were re-reads. 48 were adult books, 17 were children’s books, and by far the largest age group I read was YA, at 89.

I thoroughly enjoyed my year of book blogging last year, and although I doubt I’ll read as many books this year (I have a PhD to finish, you know!), I’m definitely going to keep up the book blogging as much as I can!


*** This is the second version of this pie chart I had to make, because the first one I decided I wanted was a 3D pie chart. And then, about ten minutes after I posted this, I got a text from one of my sisters, complaining that 3D pie charts aren’ta ccurate. Do I care about this, really, in the grand scheme of things? Well, no, not really. But I am staying in my sisters’ house this weekend, so I guess I’d better be nice to her/them this week, or they might lock me out or something. Knowing my sisters, the older one would agree with the younger that an using an inaccurate pie chart is just unacceptable behaviour.
This note is being put in here both to justify the edit history and to note that I feel like I’m being bullied.


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