A Quick Note

I realise that I have not had a particularly auspicious start to 2015 in terms of this blog. That’s for a variety of reasons. One is that I spent half of January in New Zealand, which was great for reading time (lots of planes) but not so great in terms of actually getting online and writing blog posts.

Besides that, I’ve been quite busy in college, as the journal I’m copy editor of went to print this week, and the month running up to that was, well, manic. I had far more to do than I had anticipated, and everything else sort of fell by the wayside.

I’ve still been reading this year (not much else to do in my hour-long commute to college each day) and keeping track of what books I’ve read so far this year, but none of it has translated into actual blog posts. Yet!

I’m hoping to get going with them again soon – World Book Day yesterday reminded me that I actually have a book blog which I actively enjoy running, and should really get back to.


So look out for actual book review posts, coming soon! Hopefully…


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