January/February Roundup

So my January post said that I was definitely interested in more frequent updates to the blog, but considering it sat dormant for the next two months, I’ve clearly not had the time or the headspace to update it.

This was due to a few different things – my book was published in January, and I handed in my PhD, which both took up a fair amount of time. I helped to organise a conference in mid-February, which was also quite time-consuming, and since then I’ve been having some health issues which have made blogging really slip to the back of my mind.

But now that it’s March, let’s try get back on the wagon a little bit!

In January and February, I read 39 books.

16 of those were re-reads, which means I read 26 new books in the first two months of the year.A few of those will probably get their own blog posts, but I may as well mention a few highlights.

I re-read The Princess Diaries series, because my sister got Royal Wedding for Christmas, and I felt like I needed to catch up.

I then followed this up with the first in Cabot’s spin-off middle-grade series, The Notebooks of a Middle School Princess, because I don’t like to do things by halves.

The hardest thing about this was the difficulty of updating my GoodReads, because the books have a) their US titles, b) the titles of the copies we have and c) the titles that Macmillan are now publishing them under.

So when updating my GoodReads to say I was reading the sixth PD, for example, I was reading ‘Sixsational’, but if I were to buy it in a shop here it would be ‘Royal Rebel’ and on GoodReads it was actually ‘Princess in Training’. Phew! No wonder I was having trouble!

Other highlights of the two months included The Lunar Chronicles, by Marissa Meyer, a space-age retelling of classic fairy tales which I ADORED. Although Stars Above is in this picture, I haven’t actually read that yet. I’m really looking forward to it – specifically The Princess and the Guard, and the promise of a forthcoming wedding! Eeee!


I re-read the Guardians of Time trilogy, a favourite of mine from when I was still in school, although a headwrecker when it comes to the different covers.

I won a copy of Faceless by Alyssa Sheinmel, in a MaximumPop! Books competition, which was actually only the day after I had picked it up and decided I liked the look of it, so that was great, as well. I’m definitely putting that on the ‘to-review’ list, as I really enjoyed it, and think it deserves some discussion.

I also spent a lot of time reading a buttload of romance novels, because they’re quick and easy to read when you’re not feeling up to anything else – one day I managed to read four in the same day, because they were so sweet!

In terms of sheer numbers, January and February have been very productive for how many books I’ve read – I’m two fifths of the way to my annual goal of 100 books at only a sixth of the way into the year, so I could stop reading for another month or so and still do fine!

I’ve also got two 2016 reading challenges stuck up on my wall, which I’m going to start ticking boxes off and posting about as soon as I can.

So hopefully from here on in things will be a little less tumbleweed-y and a lot more bookish! In March and beyond, I will really try to post more about what I’m reading – not just keep the list and neglect my poor blog which, as it happens, turned seven in January. And I didn’t even notice the day!




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