March Round-up

When I realised it was the last day in March, and I thought I had 49 books on my ‘read’ list, I was really tempted to just drop everything and keep reading until I finished the one I was on. But actually, I had miscounted, and the book I was reading was only the 49th book. So I didn’t finish it in March, but if I had, and had then realised I was after miscounting, I would have been grossly disappointed, so it was just as well, really.

I already did a January/February roundup, so I really only need to talk about the books that I read in the last month here. And of course, if I’ve already reviewed them (as is the case with one), there’s not much more to say about that, is there?

I read nine books in March – The Shop on Main, As Easy As That, Graceling, Fire, Follow Me Back, Bitterblue, Brooklyn, Stars Above, and Shatter Me – plus two novellas: All For You and Destroy Me.

So that’s quite a range of genres – some fantasy, some dystopia, some historical fiction, and some ‘women’s fiction’ (which I hate as a genre title. I would really prefer something like… lifestyle fiction, or similar.)

I finished one series (Stars Above, from the Lunar Chronicles) and was really sad to see it go, as well as reading an entire trilogy (Graceling Realm/The Seven Kingdoms) on which I’ll have a blogpost coming soon, and started a new series (Shatter Me/Destroy Me) which is the greatest example of purple prose I’ve ever read!

The top four books in the mosaic were all standalones – I’ve already reviewed Follow Me Back, and will have my thoughts on Brooklyn up before too long. I also watched the film of Brooklyn, so I’ll have a chat about that, too.

I’ve also blu-tacked two Reading Challenges to my wall – although I haven’t done a very good job of keeping them updated or ticked off. That’s on my to-do list as well!

2016-04-04 16.08.50.jpg

Anyways – in terms of how I read in March, I was pretty happy. I posted a few blog posts as well, so I’m happy to be keeping this little blog going!




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