Girls in White Dresses

With blue satin sashes.

Not really. Just girls in dresses.

There are absolutely tons of books out there with girls in dresses on the cover. My last post, on Shatter Me, discussed briefly the cover art of one version of that book, and how much I preferred the eye to the girl in the dress, but I thought I’d have a little look at some of my favourite dress covers.
NB I’ve only included covers here of books that I’ve read – although I have included alternate versions in some places – so I know that I’m missing absolutely loads of awesome dresses that would look fantastic on my bookshelves. Maybe you guys could recommend me some!

  1. Fallen – Lauren Kate

This, to me, is the definitive YA dress cover series. From the covered faces to the black representing Luce’s status, all the way up to the white that she finishes in (that’s Rapture), these dresses are everything that YA dress covers should be – luxurious, flowing, and oh so atmospheric. Let’s just ignore the fact that in the first book of the series (Fallen), Luce’s hair is cut short because of a fire. That would ruin the mood of the book covers!


2. The Selection
If Fallen wasn’t my ultimate dress cover series, then The Selection definitely would be. America Singer, plucked in a lottery to try and win the heart of the prince – and the nation! – has been thrust into living in a royal palace, and the epically beautiful dresses she has to wear are definitely a vital part of the appeal of these books. I admit I’ve slightly broken my own rules here (I’ve included the cover for The Crown, even though I haven’t read it yet!) but I couldn’t leave it out. Look how softly that sweetheart neckline cradles Eadlyn’s figure! How could you leave that out?


3. The Goddess Test
Greek mythology retold with a modern twist! The Hades and Persephone story! Toga-like dresses and headdresses which frame the protagonist’s hair with a gentle caress! My only problem? You can’t actually really see any dress in the cover for The Goddess Inheritance. Will that stop me from including it here? No sir, it will not!


4. The Matched Trilogy
What I really liked about the first book cover in this series is the fact that in the book, a huge deal is made about what dress Cassia wears at her matching ceremony – it’s a major plot point. So I was delighted that it was faithfully portrayed on the cover of the book, in the same stunning green that I had imagined. My only dislike? The middle book in the series – Crossed – has a girl wearing trousers. I’m not on board with this. I can’t include it in this post!

5. The Jewel
I am so on board with this book cover. I wasn’t actually a huge fan of the book itself – I’m still not sure whether or not I’ll read the sequels, which are called The White Rose and The Black Key, but it has not one, but TWO wondeful dresses on the cover! Personally I think I might prefer the one on the left, because it doesn’t have the same kind of puffy sleeves as the right-side cover, but I’m a sucker for purple as well. I really can’t decide which of these dresses I like better! It’s too hard to decide!

I think my favourite cover for The Jewel has to be the German edition, which took the gorgeous dress from the US cover and then coloured it the purple from the UK cover. I’m in love!


I’m still undecided on whether or not I’ll read the second and third Lone City books, but I’ll definitely include their cover art in this post, because they are b-e-a-yootiful!


6. My Name Is Memory

I’m still waiting for a sequel to this to come out, but it doesn’t look like the publisher is playing ball, so I guess I’ll just have to live forever with an unfinished story for this one, and only one beautiful dress cover to ogle on my shelf. Pity!


7. Shatter Me

And finally, the dress which started it all (this time around). As I mentioned last time, I just don’t think this cover has the same oomph as the frosted eye, so that’s why this is last on my list. Still pretty though.



That’s about all the dresses I can think of right now – and I think the one that tops my list is actually the German edition of The Jewel. I would wear that dress. Although not if it meant being sold into human slavery. I’m not so keen on that.

There are lots of good examples of YA dress covers here, as well as a fun tutorial on how to design a YA cover, and there are lots of GoodReads Lists as well as this EpicReads community coundown – I think the Luxe series is the main one that I need to read on the basis of the pretty covers, but there are lots more out there! Are there any I really missed?






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