June Round-Up

I’m really stupidly pleased with how June went, mostly for the reason that it’s the sixth month of the year – making it the halfway mark – and I’ve read 100 books this year. Of course, that wasn’t just June, because I read a good eighty books in the first five months, but I am pleased with the nice round number which appears at the half-way point of the year.

Of course, my GoodReads challenge for the year was 100 books, which I’ve now smashed, as I’m six months ahead of target, but I’ll spend the second half of the year focusing on filling up the other reading challenges I’m doing. I’ve got this sussed.

So! In June this year, I read twenty-one books (my highest number this year!), and five short stories. They were as follows:


  1. Everything Everything – Nicola Yoon
  2. Vanishing Girls – Lauren Oliver
  3. Becoming Bindy Mackenzie – Jaclyn Moriarty*
  4. Try Not To Breathe – Holly Seddon
  5. Siege and Storm – Leigh Bardugo
  6. The Winner’s Curse – Marie Rutkoski
  7. Ruin and Rising – Leigh Bardugo
  8. The Winner’s Crime – Marie Rutkoski
  9. Dreaming of Amelia – Jaclyn Moriarty*
  10. The Winner’s Kiss – Marie Rutkoski
  11. A French Girl in New York – Anna Adams
  12. Make-Believe Wedding – Sarah Mayberry
  13. Bride By Mistake – Nicole Helm
  14. Shadow Study – Maria V Snyder
  15. What A Bride Wants – Kelly Hunter
  16. A Negotiated Marriage – Noelle Adams
  17. Vampire Academy – Richelle Mead
  18. Too Charming – Kathryn Freeman
  19. Wait for Me – Samantha Chase
  20. Outcast of Redwall – Brian Jacques*
  21. Love in the Making – Roisin Meaney

Short Stories

  1. The Too-Clever Fox – Leigh Bardugo
  2. Little Knife – Leigh Bardugo
  3. Ice Study – Maria V Snyder
  4. Power Study – Maria V Snyder
  5. Bridge of Snow – Marie Rutkoski

All the short stories were additional snippets of series that I read during the month – the two Leigh Bardugo ones from the Grisha trilogy, the Maria V Snyder from the Study series (although I did point out my dissatisfaction with Ice Study) and Bridge of Snow adding a little prequel to the Winner’s Trilogy.

Three of this month’s books were re-reads. I finished the Ashbury/Brookfield series that I started last month, and continued with my Redwall reread, which I started last year. I read seven Redwalls in 2015, but this was the first I’ve read this year.

Lots of this month’s books were romances from iBooks – I took a notion one weekend that I wanted to read some light, fluffy romances, and worked my way through a lot of the top iBooks romances. I’m not saying I’m generally on board with the insta-love and crazy speedy weddings which proliferate in those books (nor the idea that being 26 and unmarried is some kind of terrible lack of life priorities), but I do get a certain amount of pleasure from reading about happily ever afters which are wrapped up in less than three hundred pages. Nonetheless, those romances are what bulked this month out so much. But they do make for some nice cover art in the mosaic of this month’s covers, I can admit that much. I’ve also put in multiple covers for Shadow Study, because they’re all so beautiful. I can’t help it. I’m a sucker for those covers.


Let’s talk covers for a second. It’s not as obvious because they’re split over two months, but Dreaming of Amelia drives me mental. It’s the fourth in a series of epistolary novels (The Ashbury/Brookfield books), the first three of which are neon colours with a fruit on the front and the title in torn-up letters. There is no such cover for Amelia. Unless I were to buy it in German. But I don’t speak German! There’s dedication to matching books, and then there’s excessive. I tend to believe learning a language so that my covers match would border on excessive.

Speaking of beautiful, though – look at that Winner’s Trilogy! Those dresses! Those swords! I wish I hadn’t read these on Kindle, so that I could have those beauties on my shelf to gaze at every now and then. There are also lots of romantic coupled-up book covers. Perhaps next month I’ll go the whole hog and read a Nicholas Sparks!

I was really pleased with how my June reading went. Probably too pleased – having read so many books is an indicator that I’m not doing enough work on my thesis corrections, or job applications. But I suppose nobody can be perfect. I’ll try to get the balance better next month.



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