#ReadingforGold – Day 6

Two days after my last post, my reading decathlon has hit a major issue.

When I last posted, I was on day four, and doing well. I was mid-way through the fourth book in the fourth day, so I was bang on target.

I managed that one, and finished The Taggerung late that night. It was fortunate that I didn’t have to get up early the next morning, as I wouldn’t have managed it, having stayed up until almost three in the morning to finish the Jacques Redwall adventure.
The next day, day five, I had an unexpected delivery. Despite the original order saying that it wouldn’t be delivered until the 12th, Empire of Storms arrived on my doorstep on the 8th September.

queen-of-shadows-ukThis was something of an issue, as I had yet to actually manage to even start Queen of Shadows, the fourth book in the Throne of Glass series.

However, I’m never one to shy away from a challenge, so I got stuck in to the fourth in the series, delving into the reread and reminding myself of Aelin Galathynius’s position as ‘fire-breathing bitch queen of Terrasen’. I still think that Lysandra’s incredibly talented jeweller is the unsung hero of this book, and that nothing would have been possible without his skill. But I don’t know how many people would really agree with my assessment of that book.

Nonetheless, on rereading, it had lost none of its appeal, and although it was another 3am job, I finished Queen of Shadows late in the night/early in the morning of day 5 of the Decathlon, and wandered off to the land of nod, prepared for Empire of Storms in the morning.

Four Stars

So day 6 dawned, and although I didn’t have very much to do in terms of work (or indeed 295590521in terms of socialising), book 6 presented more of a challenge than I had thought.

You see, Empire of Storms isn’t just a chunky book. No. It’s something of a behemoth. At more than 650 pages of story (in fact, closer to 700), I’ve set myself something of an impossible challenge in including this in my reading decathlon. It might be the choice on which my attempt fails, since even midway through the day, having read incessantly, I was still only halfway through the story.

I’m thoroughly enjoying the book, don’t get me wrong. Aelin’s adventures as she assembles her court, meets old friends and rivals, and attempts to reclaim her throne in Terrasen are utterly enthralling. I’m loving the intertwining stories of Manon Blackbeak, Elide Lochan and Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, and really appreciating the strong,  varied female leads who are telling the story of the immense battle against the dark lord Erawan.

I will say, though, that the shifting narrative perspectives are a major pain in the arse as I try to figure out whose head we’re in with almost every rutting paragraph. Let’s maybe make book 6 a little clearer by sticking to chapter-by-chapter narratives, with the character name at the beginning each chapter, hmmm?

But. This book might, in fact, be too big for me to read in one day. So if it spills over into day seven (which is, thankfully, a weekend day), I might then have to play catchup for the rest of the days in order to manage this reading decathlon. But defeat is something I will refuse to admit, so as far as I’m concerned, on day six, I’ve managed five and a half books, so I’m not *that* far off my target. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll still manage to stumble over the finish line with ten books in ten days, but the behemoth that is Empire of Storms might not have been the wisest choice to make for this particular challenge.




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