PopSugar Reading Challenge 2016

Since it’s the first week in January, I’m looking back on how my year went and how the reading challenges I set for myself panned out. I did actually manage to finish both the PopSugar and the Modern Mrs Darcy challenges, but I really took it to the wire. The final category I needed to fill was ‘a book from the library’, which led to me prowling around Ealing Central library at 2pm on New Year’s Eve, trying to find a book that I could sit down and read before I had to head off for New Year’s celebrations. I did manage it though, in the end, so I was pretty chuffed with myself. This final post of the challenge is just a record of which books finally slotted into which categories, and a reminder to myself that I am actually sometimes capable of finishing things I start.

Some comments on some of the books are in the first two posts I made about the challenge.

Two books filled two categories on this challenge, which I’m a little bit unhappy with – I wanted to fill all the categories separately, but life doesn’t always work out the way you plan. I’m still pretty happy that I managed to tick all of them off in one way or another, and I definitely read some books that I otherwise wouldn’t have gone near. Happier, for instance, was only read because a) I knew I needed to read a self-improvement book, b) this one was quite short and c) I was transporting it to Ireland for my boyfriend for his friend and d) I spent 12 hours travelling that day.

It would be interesting to see how few books I could read and still tick off everything on this challenge. I might have a look at that later this month, if I’m bored.

As I said in my last post, I’m still thinking about doing the 2017 PopSugar reading challenge. We’ll see whether or not I decide to in the end.

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