December Round-Up

Just so that I know I’ve finished out the year, here’s my round-up of what I read in December.

As I’ve mentioned in my PopSugar challenge, I was still reading to finish the challenge on New Year’s Eve, so I didn’t put up my round-up at the end of the month. I also took quite a long break from posting over Christmas, and once it was the New Year I felt like I should write some posts about how the last year had gone, but I promise this is the last one, and next week I’ll get back to actual reviews and talking about the future instead of navel-gazing about the past. But I want to make sure that I’ve not skipped out on a monthly round-up at the end of the year… because of reasons.

So in December I read eleven books. One less than November, this was largely because I was resentfully plodding through the books I had picked out to finish my reading challenges, which included a book I had abandoned because I thought it was boring (Catch-22), a book in French (Candide), a book which was really not very helpful in terms of self-improvement, and a political memoir, which is so far outside my preferred genres that I kept putting it down and glaring at it. Plus it was hard-back, and much heavier than my kindle, so I was extra-annoyed.


  1. Hollowgirl – Sean Williams
  2. Step Back in Time – Ali McNamara
  3. Catch-22 – Joseph Heller
  4. Candide – Voltaire
  5. The Color Purple – Alice Walker
  6. Happier – Tal Ben-Shahar, PhD
  7. The One Memory of Flora Banks – Emily Barr
  8. Everybody Matters – Mary Robinson
  9. Something Rotten – Tim Collins, Mark Penman
  10. Soul Mates – LA Weatherly
  11. Of Mice and Men – John Steinbeck

Short Stories

I didn’t read any short stories this month, either. I guess I’ve just gone off them entirely.

That and I spent most of the month trying to think of good Christmas presents, which I am actually pretty bad at, so have to dedicate a lot of brainpower to. Combined with finishing the challenges, I had no time for short stories!

That said, though, Of Mice and Men is less than a hundred pages, Soul Mates was a pretty skinny book, Something Rotten was illustrated, so that cut down the page count, and Candide is often referred to as a novella, so you could potentially include any of them under this category. I’m not going to, though.

Cover Art

Favourite Book This Month

There wasn’t really a lot this month that grabbed me. I quite enjoyed The One Memory of Flora Banks, though. There were some confusing moments in the middle (who was writing those emails? I still don’t know), but overall I thoroughly enjoyed it, enough to recommend it to my sister as well, so it takes top spot for December.

Least Favourite Book This Month

Oh God, this was really hard. I didn’t like Candide, Catch-22, Everybody Matters, Happier, or Of Mice and Men, so there was some stiff competition going on for the one which would be least favourite.

In the end I had to go for Happier. While I didn’t like the others, they had some merit (and actually I might have enjoyed Candide a lot more if I read an English version of it) and were at least thought-provoking. Happier was mostly trite and not that helpful. I don’t feel that I’ve been improved by it at all.

Favourite Cover This Month

This one was also tough, because I wasn’t really blown away by any of the cover art of the books I read in December. In the end, I’m going for The One Memory of Flora Banks, because I like the ripped-up notes, and it gels well with the themes of the book, but that’s not to say that I love it. It’s just the best of a bad bunch.

Other Thoughts

I can’t believe 2016 is over. It really seems like it’s been the shortest year ever, even though lots of things have happened. I wasn’t exactly happy with how my blogging went in the first few months of the year, and then I wasn’t happy with how my reading went in the middle few months of the year, but I think by the end I had kind of evened it all out, and I reached a sort of happy equilibrium. About ten books a month is a reasonable amount, I think, so by the end of this year I’ve reached a point that I’d be happy to maintain into 2017.



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