Cover Wars


On Friday last week I posted about Three Dark Crowns, which has three different covers available. I also saw a lot of Frostblood on Twitter last week, as it was publishing (finally!), so there was plenty of buzz.

When I logged onto GoodReads, though, and it told me about this new book coming from an author I’ve read (which was Frostblood, and I was disappointed, because I’m already gearing myself up for the sequel), the cover it showed was the American cover, which is just not as fantastic as the UK one.

So today is a little roundup of a few multiple covers and cover changes and, obviously, my opinions on which is better of the options.

First up: as I mentioned last week! Three Dark Crowns. Four different cover options for this one, three UK and one US. Which is my favourite? It’s gotta be the UK Elemental cover. Just look at that fire! Second is the naturalist, third the poisoner, and fourth is the US cover. Sorry. You’re just not as pretty.


Frostblood has to be next, then, since it was published this week and I’ve seen loads of it lately. This is an easy one for me. The UK Frostblood cover is pretty much my favourite cover art from the last 12 months, so the US one never stood a chance against it. It’s pretty, but it’s not a patch on the UK cover.


Third on my list of alternative covers is actually only a small difference. Finding Audrey, which I read last year, changed colours from hardback to paperback. The artwork is the same, but the difference in colour is massive. And actually, it got a third colour when it was selected as one of Zoella’s book club books, so it has lots of options. My favourite one is actually the yellow, because I think it really stands out, but the original turquoise isn’t far behind. The Zoella hot pink, though? Thumbs down from me.


27883214Next up, a book from my TBR – Caraval also published last week, and has been lurking near the top of my list but not quite leaping into my hands for months now. It has only one piece of cover art, but underneath the jackets of the hardcover editions lurk four beautiful embossed illustrations – spread evenly across the print run, it’s all on a roll of the dice which you’ll get. My favourite? The fabulous rose, although they’re all stunning.


Another book from my TBR, A Monster Calls is slightly different also – rather than just cover art, there are both illustrated and non-illustrated editions of this. There are also different cover arts available, and I suspect a movie tie-in edition, although I can’t actually find that. While I would plump for the illustrated edition in terms of full reading experience, I have to say that my favourite cover art is actually the revamp it was given when it was selected for Zoella’s bookclub. A much better change than Finding Audrey! The subtle brightening of the colours on the original artwork make it much more eerie. Surprisingly, I like the cover for the illustrated edition the least, and that’s the version I own!


Last but not least is another of this year’s reviews, The Good Girlfriend’s Guide to Getting Even. The NetGalley page I found it on has this wonderful green background which is absolutely on point for Lexi’s sports-mad boyfriend, but GoodReads shows it with a magenta background. The book doesn’t publish until later this month, so I don’t actually know what the final cover art will be, but the green is definitely the winner for me here!



I’m sure there are plenty of other alternate covers out there worth commenting on, but these are the few in my mind for the moment. My favourite overall is still Frostblood. It’s so incredibly beautiful!


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