March Round-Up

I can’t believe it’s the last day of March already. The Easter holidays start for schools here today! My birthday is only two weeks away! I can’t deal with the year going by this quickly!

This month was great – I left a job I really liked, started a new one that I think I’m going to love, went home for a few days, had a fab time at a wedding, and bought my first car! Plus I read some fun books, although not as many as other months, since my commuting routine has changed. Even still though – thumbs up for March.


  1. Craving for Love – Violet Vaughn
  2. Courted – Jennifer Chance
  3. The House of Mountfathom – Nigel McDowell
  4. Touch of Power – Maria V Snyder
  5. The Unpredictable Consequences of Love – Jill Mansell
  6. Lioness Rampant – Tamora Pierce
  7. Miss Mary’s Book of Dreams – Sophie Nicholls
  8. The Ship Beyond Time – Heidi Heilig
  9. The Problem with Forever – Jennifer L Armentrout

Cover Art

Favourite Book This Month

Heidi Heilig’s followup to her time-travelling piracy swashbuckling epic of last year was definitely my favourite this month – I loved returning to the crew of the ship, Nix and her fractured relationship with her father, the development of her feelings for Kash and the frustrating inevitability of trying to change the past with time travel. Big thumbs up for this one!

Least Favourite Book This Month

This was an easy one – after three other books, I really didn’t know why I was finishing the Alanna quarter – maybe hoping for something amazing, but that’s certainly not what I got. Easily my least favourite book this month.

Favourite Cover This Month

Some very lovely covers this month – I mentioned in my post about Touch of Power how much I like the international covers for Maria V Snyder’s books, and if that had been the edition that I had, it would have been the clear winner, but having assembled all of this month’s covers, my winner is The Problem With Forever – those splashes of paint across the art are so evocative, and the white text over it starkly indicative of what’s missing for these teens. Wonderful work!

Other Thoughts

Even though it felt like I read a lot this month, in terms of actual books finished, this was the lowest so far in 2017. I think that’s because I’m currently winding my way through A Dance With Dragons, a real behemoth of a book, which I’ve been reading (and very much enjoying) for more than a week now. It’s such a chunkster, it’s pushed down my count for this month, and doesn’t even make it onto March’s list! Ridiculous.


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