Pride Month: Books with LGBT+ characters


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June is Pride month, and since today Ireland elected its first LGBT+ Taoiseach* ** *** I decided today I’d do a run-through of a few of my favourite books that feature LGBT+ characters. They’re not all main characters, nor is their sexuality always a main feature of the story, or in fact relevant in any way, but there you go. These are some of my favourite books which feature LGBT+ representation.


The main character in this, Clariel, is asexual, aromantic, and doesn’t care about it, or you. It’s never really discussed much in-text, and Clariel doesn’t angst over it, it’s just a fact of her life.

Far From You

A female friendship which might be more? Drug addicts? Disabled main character? Bisexual love triangle including siblings? Sign me up!

One Of Us Is Lying

Tthere are many things that any of us might be lying about, including being a murderer and being LGBT, but finding out who’s lying about what is most of the fun of this murder mystery breakfast club book!

This Is Where It Ends

So much going on in this book, but I really appreciated that amongst the characters who worked their way through the school shooting, was a lesbian couple who not only had to deal with the difficulties of finishing school and moving into the wider world, but also worrying if the other had been shot.

Like Other Girls

Semi-own-voices, this bisexual narrator has much bigger problems than accepting her sexuality, which she did years before, but the narrative still has some awesome nods towards the erasure that bi people in straight relationships face, as well as showing an honest and not always endearing portrayal of the process of accepting one’s friends for who they are.


In this entire series, Dekka was one of my favourite characters. Marginalised in several ways, she takes no nonsense from anyone and is one of the strongest teenagers in The Fayz.

The Knife Of Never Letting Go

Maybe it’s not really gay representation to have a gay relationship in a town where there actually are no women, but Todd’s dads are awesome, and they deserve to be on this list! Not only because they successfully raised a child together after his mother died but also because even though you see very little of them, you can FEEL the loving environment Todd was raised in.

The Hidden Oracle

Apollo, even in human form, spends a massive amount of his time thinking back on his past conquests, both male and female. Yay for the perfect acceptance of bisexuality. Not that Apollo isn’t problematic for a whole host of other reasons, but he is funny and self-absorbed as heck.

Special Mention:

A Dance With Dragons

10664113Who knew a lesbian sex scene could be so decidedly unsexy? And how did Martin do it? By use of the word swampy. I have never been so turned off in my entire life.

*(seriously, he’s not a Prime Minister, it’s not that hard to say)

**(although he’s problematic for a whole host of other reasons)

*** (and also our first PoC head of government, and the youngest Taoiseach in our history, but still unlikely to be good for, you know, anyone)

Other books with LGBT+ characters that I’ve read & enjoyed:



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