June Roundup

June is over and we’re halfway through the year. My reading progress stagnated somewhat, and I’m not sure why, although I’m blaming my dodgy car speakers for my low consumption of audiobooks. This month had some very forgettable books, but also a few real gems that I wasn’t expecting.


  1. STAGS – MA Bennett
  2. If Birds Fly Back – Carlie Sorosiak
  3. Blissed – Jamie Farrell
  4. Aurabel – Laura Dockrill
  5. Daughter of the Burning City – Amanda Foody
  6. Yesterday – Felicia Yap
  7. The Gift – Alison Croggon
  8. Countless – Karen Gregory
  9. The Nearly-Weds – Jane Costello
  10. The Marriage Pact – Michelle Richmond
  11. Love in Row 27 – Eithne Shortall
  12. Part-Time Princess – Pamela DuMond


Cover Art


Favourite Book This Month

Countless is my runaway winner this month. I thought it would be good but wasn’t expecting it to be as entrancing as it turned out to be. I would recommend this to anyone, and will be pressing it into people’s hands as soon as I get the chance. This is Karen Gregory’s debut, and I’m excited to see what she does next.

Least Favourite Book This Month

Surprisingly, nothing this month was rated lower than three stars, which means I liked them all. But unfortunately, as I mentioned in the review, the Liverpool accent in The Nearly-Weds put me right off it, and distracted from the story, which was actually quite enjoyable.

Favourite Cover Art

This was tough, as I really loved the cover of Countless, and Daughter of the Burning City was so atmospheric. I’m actually going to cheat and say that my favourite cover art for this month is for the American edition of Yesterday. It’s just stunning. Those flowers blooming, the stark red/black/white contrast – I would love to have this on my shelf!



I’m a little disappointed with the number of books I’ve read this month. Comparing to the June Round-Up of 2016, when I had read 21 books and hit 100 for the year, I’m way behind this year. Of course, I’ve had much more of a structure in my life in terms of jobs, and I’ve lost the commuting/reading time I had then, but I feel a little like I’m letting myself down. Bizarre, I know, but apparently that’s how my head is going. In any case, we’re only halfway through the year, so I should really just chill.

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