YALC 2017

It’s Monday afternoon. My shoulders ache from carrying too many books. My face hurts from smiling too much. My bedroom is groaning with the number of books I’ve tried to cram into it. It must be the day after YALC.

Once again, this was probably the best weekend of my year. I met hundreds of people, all of whom were lovely. I participated in the most fun pub quiz I have ever done. I got 40 new books. I got a million different pieces of new bookish swag. I participated in competitions and won and lost and enjoyed them all. I listened to panels and went to workshops and posted more selfies on twitter than I think I ever have before.

I also ate more sweets and drank more sugary drinks than you could shake a stick at, learned about tons of new books and authors that I’m excited to read, and had great chats with loads of lovely people, from authors to publicists, bloggers to bookstagrammers, and loved every one of them, I think.

I think the best thing about YALC is how friendly everyone is. Everyone is happy to be there, to find their tribe of bookish people, and they’re happy to interact with anyone and everyone there, to share their excitement at being bookish. I find it much too hard to put into words exactly how amazing this weekend is/was (I found this last year as well), so I’m just going to include here a series of pictures from the weekend, and how much I loved it.

More selfies than you could shake a stick at! That final set of selfies won me a Non Pratt Truth or Dare necklace, for Non’s YALC bingo. The various others are proofs, competition entries, and general happy selfies. You can see how much of the weekend I spent smiling!

Perhaps the highlight of my weekend (although it was close-run thing between this and Non’s QuizYA) was Non Pratt’s Head Shave for the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability. Raising more than £2,500 for charity, this particular event was full of laughs, and featured a bewildered guest appearance by Benedict Cumberbatch. Couldn’t have been better.


With 40 new books bought, won, and obtained through nefarious means, as well as twenty-odd samplers, I am now officially on a book buying ban until I’ve read at least half (so that’s twenty) of this weekend’s books. My bedroom is already bursting at the seams, so I’m going to have to come up with some innovative way of storing my books (and possibly do a cull of my bookshelves).

If anybody needs me, I’ll be sleeping the weekend away in the corner. If anybody needs tote bags, feel free to hit me up. I think I got eight over the weekend. They’re so handy!

When I get around to it, I may create a list of the books I picked up over the weekend. But for now, these pictures will have to suffice!


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