Going Viral – Amy Alward

I read and enjoyed the first two Potion Diaries books last year, mentioning that they’re a fun and fantasy-laden adventure through the delights of a world where smartphones go hand in hand with magic, and our heroine is a potionista who just happens to be best friends with a princess.

The third book, Going Viral, finishes up the trilogy, and was released earlier this year. Before I actually bought it, I noticed that it was on my local library’s ebook app, so read it over the course of a day or two as I commuted. It’s every bit as fun and flashy as the previous instalments, and a satisfying conclusion to a light and not terribly taxing trilogy.

Going Viral – Amy Alward

33573083Having managed to find her great-grandmother’s potion diary, escape Emilia Thoth, save her grandfather’s memories AND become a Master Alchemist, surely it’s time for Sam to have a good, long rest? And maybe, just maybe, a date with her boyfriend Zain?

But now that Evelyn is married and showing symptoms of the Gergon illness, it looks as though Sam’s adventures are just beginning…

I don’t really have any complaints about Going Viral. It was fun, it was fluffy, it was enjoyable. It branched out into more of the world around Sam Kemi’s adventures, this time going to the home of alchemy, the place where her ancestors were born, and meeting master alchemists from around the world (even if just via video calling).

I really liked that this book introduced the phoenix, after having seen the unicorn and the dragon in the previous two books. It’s like the holy trinity of mythical animals was complete. Sam’s relationship with her best friend, her sister, and her boyfriend were all well drawn and believable, and the additional element of social media and filming a television show added a degree of realism to this fantasy fun.

I don’t feel like the potion diaries trilogy as a whole is in any way taxing, nor will it linger in my mind overlong, but it was certainly fun, and I enjoyed reading all three books. If Alward starts up another series when I’m looking for something light and enjoyable, I certainly won’t be averse to reading it.

Plus, all three covers are spectacular, in a really cute and girly way.

Three Stars


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