The Start of Me and You – Emery Lord

I am really loving the fact that I have downloaded BorrowBox – ebooks and audiobooks on my phone, borrowed from the library, without even having to leave my bed. It’s *such* a good idea.

I also have to point out that I missed yesterday’s blog post. I was so busy I completely forgot to write. I’m also going to be very busy tomorrow, so I’m merging Wednesday and Friday’s posts into one Thursday post, because I have an hour free to write now, and my most loyal reader is actually staying in my house right now, so I can just tell her my thoughts on books.

So The Start of Me and You is the first Emery Lord book I’ve read, although there’s another queued up on my Kindle waiting for me to get around to it. It was a great introduction to Emery Lord, actually, because I really quite enjoyed this book. It was sweet and it was enjoyable, it was easy to read, and it had some heft. All good things.

The Start of Me and You – Emery Lord

35546621.jpgCan you plan happiness?

It’s been a year since Paige’s first boyfriend died in a swimming accident and it’s time she rejoined the real world.

So she makes a plan:
1. Date a boy (long-standing crush Ryan Chase seems like the perfect choice)
2. Attend parties (with best friends by your side: doable)
3. Join a club (simple enough, right?)
4. Travel (might as well dream big)
5. Swim (terrifying. Impossible)

But when she meets Ryan’s sweet but so nerdy cousin, Max, he opens up her world and Paige’s plans start to change. Is it too late for a second chance at life?

Brimming with characters so real you feel you could pick up the phone and call them, The Start of Me and You will prove that it’s never too late for second chances. Perfect for fans of Rainbow Rowell, Jennifer Niven and John Green.

Emery Lord is a great contemporary writer. Paige was navigating high school, trying to find out who she is, trying to really live life again. Her plan for how to do this involves ticking several things off a list, including kissing a boy, joining a new club, and swimming again, after the death of her boyfriend in a drowning accident a year and a half prior.

There was so much in this book that I loved. Paige was such a likeable and understandable main character. I really felt her confusion and grief at the death of her boyfriend, and I loved that we picked up with her a year and a half after the incident – so the book wasn’t so much about dealing with the immediate, horrendous grief of the aftermath, but more about the lingering effects which echoed through her life over the following years.

Points which I really liked about this book: Paige’s friendships. Paige and her girls were such a tight group, supportive and they really helped each other through tough times. I also really loved Paige’s development as she comes to understand what that female friendship means.

Further than that, I thought the two love interests were great. Long-term crush Ryan Chase and his quiet, unassuming cousin Max played very different roles, and Paige’s understanding of the difference between a fantasy relationship and the real connection that comes of spending time with someone and laughing with them was lovely to see.

There were a couple of things in the book that I wasn’t that impressed with – making fun of Max’s firefly t-shirt, for example. Firefly is awesome, and a cult classic – plus nerd culture is so in right now, that it jarred with me to think that it would be made fun of. And then the climax and resolution of the book were a little predictable, to be honest.

But they were minor quibbles in what was overall a hugely enjoyable experience. I’m looking forward to reading other contemporaries by Lord, and finding out what other adventures we can go on together.

Four Stars


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