Becoming Betty – Eleanor Wood

So I bought this book largely because Eleanor Wood was my Quiz team captain at YALC this year. Yeah, good reason for buying a book, I know. I had never read any of Eleanor Wood’s stuff before, and this was actually a really great introduction to her work.

Becoming Betty – Eleanor Wood

33630962Lizzie Brown’s life is one big to-do list:
1. Start college
2. Become cool
3. Decide wtf to do with her life
So when she meets Viv, the crazy, beautiful lead singer in a band, she thinks she’s on her way to achieving number two on her list. And when Viv asks her to be the bass player in the band, there’s only one problem – Lizzie can’t play a single note. And that she’s nowhere near cool enough (ok, two problems). And that she has a huge crush on the guitarist (ok, three), who happens to be Viv’s boyfriend (ok, this is a terrible idea).
But Viv won’t take no for an answer, and decides that a makeover is the answer to everything. Boring Lizzie Brown is going to become Betty Brown the Bass Player and there’s nothing Lizzie can do about it…

I really thoroughly enjoyed this story of becoming Betty, the cool bass player in a teen band. Lizzie’s journey of starting to learn music and finding something she actually really liked, together with her experience of an overwhelming friendship with Viv, was compelling, and so, so believable.

I also loved Lizzie’s gentle growing closer to her sister, and the way her move from secondary school to a specific sixth form college was handled. Some really great stuff in here.

Although I thought that her poor left-behind best friends ended up being a little bit thin on the ground, and I really don’t understand how she sorted out her schooling issue at the end of the book, in general this was a really fun, interesting read, and definitely an author that I’m going to look out for more UKYA contemporary from.

Four Stars


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