November Roundup


November has been a slow and dreary month, with lots of work to be done, and not a lot of reading gotten through. I did tick a few things off my challenge list, however, and enjoyed myself all around.

I’ve taken to doing the crossword when I’m on my way into work with my dad, which is losing me three hours of reading time a week. I might have to stop that!

Hard to believe it’s the first of December today – it seems like no time since 2017 was beginning, so it’s very strange to think it’s nearly over!

Thirteen books isn’t a lot for a month, but I’m not exactly upset about it. It’s a decent number alright!


  1. Three Wishes – Liane Moriarty
  2. White Bodies – Jane Robins
  3. Open Minds – Susan Kaye Quinn
  4. The Start of Me and You – Emery Lord
  5. The Note – Zoe Folbigg
  6. The Crow – Alison Croggon
  7. Tower of Dawn – Sarah J Maas
  8. Troubletwisters – Garth Nix & Sean Williams
  9. The Girlfriend – Michelle Frances
  10. Becoming Betty – Eleanor Wood
  11. Royce Rolls – Margaret Stohl
  12. Skinny Melon and Me – Jean Ure
  13. Frankenstein – Mary Shelley

Cover Art


Favourite Book This Month

Again, hard to decide. I really enjoyed Three Wishes, because I laughed a lot. Tower of Dawn was a great instalment in the Throne of Glass canon. And Becoming Betty was a really interesting read. But I think in the end I’m gonna have to go with Three Wishes. The story was hugely entertaining, and the narration added so much to it. I thoroughly recommend the Audible version of this!

Least Favourite Book This Month

Royce Rolls, which I reviewed earlier this week, didn’t work for me at all. No fan, and I doubt I’ll be reading more by Margaret Stohl.

Favourite cover art

For the second month in a row, I’m giving my monthly cover art award to a watercolour cover. The start of me and you has a gorgeous cover, available with both white and pink backgrounds (I think one is a Zoella book club special?), but both with gorgeous colour schemes, and oodles of atmosphere.




I FINALLY read enough YALC books to let myself off my book buying ban. It’s been about four months, and although I’ve bought a boatload of Kindle books, and gotten loads from the library (plus spending my Audible credits), but I actually bought a hard copy book this week! King’s Cage was only £2 on Amazon, and I needed to get my spend over £20 to get free delivery, so that was delightful! It arrived today, so I’m gonna start it as soon as I finish my current book, Zenith, which is about lady space pirates, and is badass.


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