Reading Goals for the Rest of 2017

So it’s the first week of December. Only three weeks until Christmas. Four weeks left in the year as a whole. So I thought I’d take a little look forward at the books I absolutely want to have read before the year is up. Where I’ll find the time to read these books is somewhat debateable, but I’m sure I’ll squidge them in somewhere. Who needs sleep, right?

Final Challenge Books



I’m already part-way through this, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. The only problem is that paperbacks are a pain in the bum to read, because they don’t sync between my devices (what with them being made of paper), which means I can’t just pick up whatever’s closest to hand and keep reading.  This means that although I spend a substantial amount of time transferring my book from handbag to clarinet bag, etc, I don’t actually spend all that much time reading it. Must change.

A Wizard of EarthseaimagesQJZKXWJR

It’s been lurking on the list since early this year, but the other day I actually got it down from the bookcase, so that has to be a step in the right direction, amirite? Hopefully that means I’ll actually read it before the month is out.

Life of Pi

81E9oNSK3bLMy sister reckons she suggested this to me months ago as a first name beginning with Y (Yann Martell, that is), and I said yes, then completely forgot about it. I admit that is a distinct possibility. In any case, when I visit her right after Christmas, I’ll be picking this up to tick off another category in my challenge.

An X surname book.

Still struggling…

King’s Cage9780062661913

Having bought it for only £2 on Amazon, and it marking the end of my book buying ban, as well as the fact that I *quite* enjoy the Red Queen series, King’s Cage is definitely on my list of things what I need to read before the year is out.

How To Stop Time


I’ve had this reserved from the library for about three months, and it finally made its way into my BorrowBox app this week, so I’m excited to read this. Having been on the bestsellers for ages, and showing up on every ‘read this’ table in bookshops I visit, I’m looking forward to this story of a long-lifed lover. Even if only for the alliteration!

The Hate U Give

*The* book which has shown up on everyone’s best of 2017 lists, I actually have TWO copies of this book, and have managed to read a grand total of neither of them, because I am rubbish. It’s definitely on my to-do list.

41F2ytTU1wL__SX323_BO1,204,203,200_That’s seven books to definitely read this month, plus whatever else I manage to plow through when I find the time. Hopefully I’ll get them all done before the year is out, and I’ll count myself a happy bunny. But is there anything I’ve missed that I should definitely read between now and when the clocks strike 2018? Let me know in the comments!


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