All I Want For Christmas…

It’s that time of year again – Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat, please buy Aislinn some books.

Now that I’m finished my 2017 reading challenges (although I still have one more blog post to write), I’m starting to look ahead, and think about what I’m going to read in 2018, and whether I’m going to do any reading challenges. I’ll set myself a GoodReads target of 150, and hope to fulfil that, and I’ll check out the PopSugar and Modern Mrs Darcy reading challenges, but as well as those, I’m thinking about setting myself a backlist challenge.

There are currently about thirty books stacked up in my bedroom looking balefully at me as if to recriminate me for not having read them yet. There’s also a book sitting accusingly on top of my bed headboard, since my sister gave it to me last Christmas, and I haven’t read it yet. But convention between us says I have up to two years, so it’s only a half-baleful look.

As well as thinking about what challenges I’ll set myself for 2018, I have a few thoughts about what books I’m going to read in 2018, and therefore what books I would like for Christmas…

La Belle Sauvage

The first book in Pullman’s new Book of Dust trilogy, I’m almost certain I’m going to get this for Christmas, because I asked my uncle for it specifically, and he’s wonderful. So I’m looking forward to diving back into Lyra’s world of alternate Oxford and shape-shifting daemons.

As well as reading La Belle Sauvage, I think I’m going to have to try and re-read the His Dark Materials trilogy, which I’ve been meaning to do for a year now, to immerse myself in the world fully.

Dividing Eden

Joelle Charbonneau, who wrote The Testing trilogy, is an author I like to look out for every now and then. Dividing Eden is her new standalone fantasy, about a pair of twins who are set against each other to decide the order of succession. Sounds super. Can’t wait!

Trouble Never Sleeps

I’m super looking forward to the appearance of the third Trouble book, Trouble Never Sleeps. Now admittedly, this won’t be out in time for Christmas, but it’s one of my most-anticipated 2018 releases, so I’m including it in the post for fun.

Oh My God What A Complete Aisling!

This book has been topping bestseller lists in Ireland for months. Like an Irish Bridget Jones, Aisling is just a small-town girl who’s moved to Dublin and is still trying to find her feet, heading back home every weekend to her boyfriend, and living the life of a college graduate. I’m super excited to read this novel, which was spawned by a Facebook group, and has two sequels coming out later as well.

The Power

I actually bought this as a present for someone else, but I’m going to badger them to let me read it before too long. Ssssshhh.

Something Else

My sister always gets me books for Christmas, so I’m also looking forward to seeing what she comes up with for me to read as quickly as possible, so that she, too, can read it after I finish.

I can’t believe there’s only five days left before Christmas! It’s come up so fast! I haven’t even finished my Christmas shopping! Someone stop the clock, I need to wrap things!

I tried to wrap presents last night, and finished not one, not two, but three rolls of sellotape. So I was left a frustrated ball of irritation with half-wrapped presents in front of me while my mum cracked up. Gah. That’s what you call Christmas Spirit.



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