Mine – Susi Fox

I received a copy of this book on NetGalley. The tag line and cover art really drew me in. A baby swap? But nobody believes you? I was instantly intrigued.

Mine – Susi Fox

37419687The baby in the nursery is not your baby.

Waking up after an emergency caesarean, you demand to see your son.

But it’s someone else’s child.

No one believes you – not the hospital, not your father, not your loyal husband.

They say you’re delusional. Dangerous.

They suspect you want to steal another baby.

All you know is that you must find your own child before he’s out of reach forever.

And you’re a doctor – you would know if you were losing your mind.


I really thoroughly enjoyed this psychological thriller, telling the tale of a woman who wakes up to discover that the baby everyone says is hers is not hers. I particularly liked the fact that as the reader, we were entirely unsure whether the babies truly had been switched, or if she was experiencing post-partum psychois. The underlying circumstances of her family history and the traumatic situation that surrounded her birth experience only added to this uncertainty, leading to a situation which was ultimately difficult to decipher, but very interesting to read. My only real complaint would be that it was resolved altogether too quickly for me, with little contemplation of the impact of the events of the book on the long-term future of the main characters. Nonetheless, a hugely entertaining and compellingly readable book.

Four stars


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