The Last Laugh – Tracy Bloom

I bought this on a whim because it was 99p on Kindle and I thought it looked like the kind of book I would like. And it was, indeed, the kind of book I like.

The Last Laugh – Tracy Bloom

36986900.jpg‘Oh this was such a brilliant read. I was engrossed and laughed out loud and welled up. It was great!’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

Jenny discovers her days are numbered at the same time she discovers her husband is having an affair…

Frankly, she had enough on her plate already. Two tricky teenagers, her mother’s constant complaints, friends who aren’t up to the job and a career which has been spiralling downwards since she won ‘Sunseeker Tour Rep of the Season’ twenty years ago.

And now this. Enough is enough! Jenny vows to keep both revelations a secret. She takes her life into her own hands and decides to live as she did when she was happiest… in 1996. She plans a spectacular 1990s themed party in place of a wake that she herself will attend. But will she be able to keep her secrets for long enough to have the party of a lifetime?

The Last Laugh is both hilarious and heartbreaking, a book about how to find happiness and live your life as though every day is your last.

From No. 1 bestseller Tracy Bloom, this book is perfect for fans of Marian Keyes and The Kicking the Bucket List.

What readers are saying about The Last Laugh:
I laughed and cried… Reading it has given me a new perspective! You really don’t know the minute your world could change forever. I read it in one day!’ The Introverted Mum

‘A stunning book that was both funny and incredibly heartbreakingly sad. This book was just a wonderful celebration of the character’s life, strength and courage. Fabulous.’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

Absolutely loved this book! What should be a really sad story is written so well and with such zest and optimism that it’s impossible not to be smiling. A beautifully-told tale.’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

‘Thought-provoking, warm, and extremely funny. You will love Jenny! She is all of us! A hard-working, sweats wearing, wine-loving mother (complete with “mom body”), who possesses a great sense of humour about everything… even death.’ Reels and Reads

‘I laughed and cried in equal measure at this book… highly recommended.’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

‘A wonderful blend of humour and at times tears, as Jenny struggles to “live” each moment and to move as if she was “on top of the world” in 1996… Jenny has courage along with humour and as she says: “Time to start living.” Great story!’ Goodreads reviewer

‘This book is heartbreaking at times but hilarious in others… fantastic.’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

‘If Tracy Bloom’s other books are like The Last Laugh she definitely has a new fan. I felt instantly connected to the main character, Jenny, like I was part of her life… It inspired me to make the most of the life I have.’ After the Rain

I never wanted this book to end… A delightful, yet emotional book which will make you laugh and cry.’ Jenny in Neverland, 5 stars

‘An unforgettable and highly entertaining read.’ Pretty Little Book Reviews

Uplifting, life-affirming, and most of all funny!

Given that the blurb was full of effusive reviews, I actually didn’t expect this to be all that good – a collection of delighted reviews is often a hallmark of a self-published novel which isn’t, well, all that good.

But I was pleasantly surprised by this. Not only did it have a really lovely examination of family life and interaction between spouses, it also had a husband who was a total shit, but had some real character development.

Jenny’s twin realisations on the same day mean that her entire life is turned upside down, and the best way she can think of to deal with it is to throw a blowout party based on the best night of her life. On the road to the party she gets into some situations, and sorts out her life, which is important as her days are rapidly getting fewer.

I read this over the course of about two days, and really enjoyed it, shedding a few tears at the end, and laughing out loud in certain parts. A touching and thoughtful novel about what it means to love, to choose each other, what makes a family, and the importance of grabbing life when you can, and recognising the good things while you have them, I will definitely look out for more by Tracy Bloom.

Four Stars


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