Christmas Crackers

I had great intentions of writing lots of blog posts over the Christmas holidays, because the university is closed and I don’t have to work, and I have lots of free time. But as soon as I got home to my parents’ house in Ireland, it was like my blogging brain just switched off. I’ve actually spent very little time on the internet over the last ten days, and I haven’t even done that much reading either. I’m currently on 238 books read in 2018. I’d like to get to 250, but honestly I can’t see myself reading 12 books in the next three days. I’m not even sure I’m going to finish the three I have on the go at the moment.

But over the last ten days, I have been trying to read lots of festive books, so I’ll chat about those that I’ve finished! All of these books were either free or like, 99p when I bought them. Although some may have been lurking on my iBooks account since Christmas 2017. Or even 16!

Blame the Mistletoe

31345078A story of ex-in-laws who meet over Christmas and bond over their terrible former spouses, they start a romance which is meant to be no strings attached. But a snowstorm and their children (who are cousins, and were at a family wedding) arriving unexpectedly means that their secret affair doesn’t remain secret for very long…

I enjoyed this one. It was sweet, relatively uncomplicated, and full of happy Christmas vibes. Although I’m not sure if my cousin were becoming my step-sibling I’d be quite so happy about it as these two teenagers…

Three Stars


The Brands Who Came for Christmas

I thought I’d like this one, a story of a one-night stand which results in a twin pregnancy. But actually, it oozed with judgemental attitudes and really out-of-date moral declarations. Looking at the information, it was originally written almost twenty years ago, but the judgement of single mothers and lingerie models is a mindset which dates many years before. This would’ve been a one-star, except for a totally fabulous scene involving heavy machinery and a snowstorm.

This series is a spin-off of the Oklahoma Brands series by Maggie Shayne, of which I’ve read one, but I don’t actually know how they’re connected. Perhaps that comes to light later in the series? Either way, I won’t be reading any more, because I can’t deal with the judginess.

Two Stars

A Cotswold Christmas32021986

A story of a romance which was meant to only last a week, this was surprisingly sweet and didn’t wrap everything up in a happily ever after within three days (which, uh, Blame the Mistletoe totally did). Not groundbreaking, but full of feel-good Christmas vibes.

Three Stars

One Day in December42110279

I’ve seen loads of hype about this one, and bought it one day when it was on special for 99p. Pegged as One Day with added Christmas vibes, it was actually much less Christmassy than the cover would suggest. I enjoyed this story of three friends over ten years, and the star-crossed path they would take as Laurie’s ‘love at first glimpse’ reappears in her life as her best friend’s boyfriend, and certain scenes later in the book made me want to throw my kindle away and just go hug my dad forever, but I didn’t really warm to Jack as a character, and so wasn’t totally invested in their journey as friends. I was a little bit, though, because I’m a sap, and it’s Christmas.

Three Stars

One Day in Dece35429599mber

Admittedly, I haven’t finished this one, so it doesn’t get a star rating, but thus far I’m enjoying the stories of four intertwined lives and one fateful day in Glasgow. I did actually buy this book thinking it was the book immediately above, but although I’m not very far in, I’m enjoying this different take on a single day. I’ll probably finish it tonight, and then compare the two side-by-side.

Or no, I won’t, because it’s Christmas, and they can just both be great. I’m full of happiness and good cheer. Largely because over the last ten days I’ve gotten loads of baby cuddles, and who can be cranky when there are baby cuddles on offer? Not me, that’s for sure.


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