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2019 Reading Plans

It’s hard to believe it, but we’re already more than halfway through January – this year is starting to fly by just as fast as the one before. I need the world to just slow down so I can catch my breath and figure out what’s going on, because I feel like I’m falling behind, and I’m not even sure what I’ve fallen behind on!

In any case, I’ve thought about what challenges I want to set myself for 2019, and I’ve settled on this one: I want to clear at least 30 books off my backlist.

Part of the problem of being a bookworm with relatively free access to money is that I spend a huge amount of time browsing amazon and ibooks, as well as bricks and mortar bookstores, and I end up with far more books at hand than I ever have time to read.

So while I’m not committing to not buying any more books – that would be ridiculous! – I am going to try this year to tick a good few books off my list which I’ve been meaning to read for years. Plus it will mean I can actually hand back the ones I’ve borrowed from my sister, clearing space on my shelves for me to buy more books – win/win!

These images are by no means ALL of the books on my TBR – they’re just a selection of books on my kindle, bookshelves, and ibooks account. I thought about listing all of my owned-but-unread books, but decided that, actually, I need to do some real work today (I have stacks of essays to mark…), and listing out probably upwards of a hundred books wouldn’t be the best way to do that.


This is almost 80 books currently owned but unread, and I haven’t even looked at my iBooks, and the physical books are mostly from memory… I can definitely do 30 of these, right?

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