I Can’t Hear You

I’m having an audiobook slump. I’m actually having a general reading slump, but it’s more profound in the audiobooks specifically.

I don’t really know why. I just don’t seem to be listening to any audiobooks. When I’m in the car, I listen to the radio. When I’m at home, I put music on spotify instead of playing an audiobook.

Something is off at the moment – I just don’t have any inclination to hear stories. Every time I think about putting on an audiobook, my immediate reaction is just ‘nah…’

And it’s strange, because I have loads of audiobooks lined up that I really want to read, and I got a new phone mount for my car, so I’ll be able to hit play without doing anything illegal, and I recently got an Amazon Echo Dot, so I can play Audible books just with my voice. So really, all these things should add up to audiobook city.

But since I went home for Christmas, six weeks ago, I’ve only listened to three audiobooks. That might seem like a lot, but it’s actually only one every two weeks, which is absurdly slow for me.

Who knows. I downloaded King of Scars yesterday, and I’m definitely interested in that, so perhaps it’ll kick me out of my slump. Then I can start working my way through that backlist which is piling up.

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