Catching up and panicking

I was at a Hot Key bloggers brunch on Saturday (at which I met Heather Morris and Rebecca Adlington, and thoroughly enjoyed their chat about historical writing, and got all the goss on the sequel to The Tattooist of Auschwitz, Cilka’s Journey), and having a chat with two other bloggers about how you keep it all going. My answer at the time was that I try not to pressure myself and just accept if I miss a few days of scheduled posting. But, funnily enough, that coincided with my missing two posting days, and now I’m starting to feel bad about it.

I try to post every Tuesday and Thursday, so that’s two posts a week, which is a very minor commitment. But I don’t always manage it, because there’s so much else going on in life. And although I tell myself that it doesn’t matter, and it’s fine if I miss a few posts, because really, life is more important than blogging, but that doesn’t stop my heart from going ninety, feeling like I’m a failure as a blogger, and guilt weighing down on me. But I’m trying to shrug that off, and remember that this is supposed to be fun, not stressful.

So today’s post is a couple of one-liner reviews, to catch up with what I’ve read in the last few weeks, and see if I can shrug off some of the guilt!

The Day We Met – Roxie Cooper
Four Stars ****

The strapline on this book says ‘the perfect epic love story to read this Valentine’s day’, and I have to say I don’t agree with that, but I still enjoyed this ten-year will-they/won’t-they story of two people who feel an instant connection, but are both already in relationships. What an ending, though!

The Valley of Fear – Arthur Conan Doyle
Three Stars ***

This is actually the last Sherlock Holmes story I read, so now I can say I’ve read all 56 short stories and four novels. I don’t think this was the greatest, though. Quite disjointed in terms of how the story played out, with two disparate sections, one of which had NO Sherlock at all. Disappointing.

The Marble Collector – Cecelia Ahern
Three Stars ***

It was unusual to listen to an audiobook by an Irish author, read by Irish voice artists. Unusual, but very refreshing. Interesting story, but I’m not sure I really loved it. It felt very crammed into an artificial timescale.

A Spark of Light – Jodi Picoult
Three Stars ***

I normally love Picoult, but I don’t think this was her greatest book. I didn’t like the timescale, and the way it played out by going back through a single day. I’d have liked more about what happened after the point at which the book opened!

Those Other Women – Nicola Moriarty
Four Stars ****

I had had this on my kindle for months before I actually picked it up, and once I did I didn’t regret it. Filled with intrigue and accurate analysis of female friendships and rivalry, the ending was a little melodramatic, but no harm.

The Hound of the Baskervilles – Arthur Conan Doyle
Four Stars ****

The second last Sherlock Holmes I read, this was definitely better than the Valley of Fear. More cohesive, and probably a better story overall.

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