Kindle Paperwhite or All-New Kindle?

As I mentioned recently, my faithful Kindle Paperwhite gave up the ghost after an unknown impact which left the screen severely damaged. So now I need to replace it. I’ve tried to live without it, but I’m finding it very sad to try and read books on my phone. I know that I have tons of paper books that I need to catch up on reading, and indeed I’m not intending to actually replace it for another few weeks, but I was pretty happy, at the point when I broke my Kindle, that I was going to replace it with another Kindle Paperwhite. This, I was actually quite excited about, because in the six years since I got my first kindle, lots of upgrades have been implemented. The two I was most excited about were the Audible integration, meaning if I have bluetooth headphones (which I actually don’t have, but minor issues), I can listen to audiobooks through my kindle, and stop sucking up my battery life, and the waterproofing. I don’t know why I was so excited about the waterproofing, because I don’t take baths (I don’t actually have a plug for my bath, but that’s a different issue) and I’m rarely outdoors in the rain, but I was excited about it. So I was planning on getting a new Kindle Paperwhite, some time in April, and that was that.

But then Amazon threw a spanner in the works. They announced an upgrade of their standard Kindle model. The baseline kindle is getting a light. And audible integration. So now, suddenly, the £50 price difference between the Paperwhite and the Kindle doesn’t seem so justifiable.

I’ve looked at both kindles together – the Paperwhite has a couple of things going for it:

a sharper screen resolution – but I don’t view images on the kindle, so as long as the words are legible, does that matter?

Waterproofing – but as I said, I don’t read in the bath, and am rarely out in the rain, so is this really something I need?

One more LED – 5 in the Paperwhite, compared to 4 in the Kindle. Does this actually make a difference? If there’s one on each side in the Kindle, where do they even put the fifth one in the Paperwhite?

A flush screen – but my broken Paperwhite doesn’t have a flush screen, so not having it wouldn’t be a downgrade for me.

More storage – the Kindle has 4GB, the Paperwhite 8 or 32. But ebooks are small files – I won’t be keeping that many on the Kindle at any one time. I usually delete the files after I’ve read the book so I don’t accidentally read the same book twice (I’ve done it. I’m dumb).

The Paperwhite is marginally bigger and marginally heavier than the Kindle. But I’d be putting a case on either of them, which would change the dimensions and the weight anyway, so I’m not too worried about that. The All-New Kindle comes in black OR white, which would be a point in its favour if I had any interest in a white Kindle, but I really don’t.


So… basically, I’m really confused. I don’t know what kind of Kindle I want to get to replace my poor sadly dearly departed old Kindle (which was named Sarah). And it’s not even like I can ask someone who has one for advice, because the All-New Kindle doesn’t release til April 10th!

But I would welcome thoughts on which you, personally, would go for. Don’t suggest an Oasis to me. I’m not made of money!! I asked my mum and sisters what they thought, and my sisters didn’t respond, while my mum said ‘you will have to decide’. Thanks a bunch, guys. So I’m turning to you, blogging community – help me out! Kindle Paperwhite or All-New Kindle??

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