What Happens Now – Sophia Money-Coutts

I received a copy of this book from the publisher on NetGalley

This was a spur of the moment request while I was browsing NetGalley. I haven’t read Money-Coutts’ previous book, and I wasn’t particularly looking for anything, but I saw this, thought it sounded funny, and went for it. I’m glad I did, though, because this was a very enjoyable experience!

What Happens Now – Sophia Money-Coutts

whathappensnow‘So funny. And the sex is amazing!’ Jilly Cooper on The Plus One
‘I was pregnant with the baby of a man I had met once.

What was one normally left with after a first date? A bad case of thrush?’

After eight years together, Lil Bailey thought she’d already found ‘the one’ – that is, until he dumped her for a blonde twenty-something colleague. So she does what any self-respecting singleton would do: swipes right, puts on her best bra and finds herself on a first date with a handsome mountaineer called Max. What’s the worst that can happen?

Well it’s pretty bad actually. First Max ghosts her and then, after weeing on a stick (but mostly her hands), a few weeks later Lil discovers she’s pregnant. She’s single, thirty-one and living in a thimble-sized flat in London, it’s hardly the happily-ever-after she was looking for.

Lil’s ready to do the baby-thing on her own – it can’t be that hard, right? But she should probably tell Max, if she can track him down. Surely he’s not that Max, the highly eligible, headline-grabbing son of Lord and Lady Rushbrooke, currently trekking up a mountain in South Asia? Oh, maybe he wasn’t ignoring Lil after all…

Praise for Sophia Money-Coutts:
‘So funny. And the sex is amazing – makes me feel like a nun!’ Jilly Cooper
‘Light, fizzy and as snort-inducing as a pint of Prosecco.’ Evening Standard Magazine
‘Hilarious and compelling.’ Daily Mail
‘Perfect summer reading for fans of Jilly Cooper and Bridget Jones.’ HELLO!
‘Bridget Jones trapped inside a Jilly Cooper novel. A beach cocktail in book form.’ METRO
‘Gloriously cheering.’ Red Magazine
‘Howlingly funny.’ India Knight, Sunday Times Magazine
‘This saucy read is great sun-lounger fodder.’ Heat
‘Sexy and very funny…perfect for fans of Jilly Cooper.’ Closer
‘Cheerful, saucy and fun!’ The Sunday Mirror
‘As fun and fizzy as a chilled glass of prosecco…this is the perfect read for your holiday.’ The Daily Express


Lil’s story, of an unexpected souvenir from a Tinder date that later ghosted her, was a really interesting and enjoyable tale of a thirty-something woman who’s left facing unplanned circumstances, and how she deals with that. Trying to juggle the unexpected news that she’s expecting, cope with her Tinder date ghosting her, and breaking the news to her parents that they’re going to become grandparents, Lil’s story is frank, funny, and very entertaining. Not shying away from topics like living in a flatshare when you’re thirty, or the terrible frustration of your vibrator running out of batteries, What Happens Now? is filled with moments that made me laugh, smirk, and groan, sprinkled with a romance that had me rooting for a happy ever after. If Max, the romantic lead, was a little underdeveloped, it didn’t matter too much, as it was Lil’s relationship with her best friend and inner monologue that really carried this book. A light and enjoyable book with enough weight behind it to keep it from veering into dross, this was a very enjoyable, quick read that kept me giggling on a plane as I travelled home last weekend.


Four Stars

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