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If I Stay

If I Stay by Gayle Foreman


Buy it.

Read it.

Love it.

No, seriously. I LOVE THIS BOOK.
But I guess I could do a proper review.
The Good: It’s amazing. Quite simply. If I Stay is a beautiful, wonderful, touching, moving book about love and loss, family and friendship and everything in between.
It covers music, relationships, first loves, family, friends, tragedy, loss, fitting in, not quite fitting in, finding your passion, giving it up, fighting for love, fighting for life and it’s all done with a wonderful light touch from the author which breathes life into the characters with a depth and reality that I’ve rarely found in other books.

The Bad: I had to think really hard about this. If you’re not a musician, apparently it’s harder to relate to. However, I disagree with this. Anyone can understand passion, and really, that’s what music and being a musician is about. It’s about passion.
Oh, if you don’t like sad books, this might be bad.
That’s it. Other than that, I got nothing.

The Ugly: 10/10.
This is one of my absolute most recommended books in the world. You should read it, I hope you will love it, I know I do.
That is all.


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