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C25K – W4D3

I went out this morning to finish week four of the c25k programme. As it was still daylight, the park across the road from me was open. I say still daylight: it was like half ten, so obviously it was daylight. But anyways, usually I’d be going out about twelve hours later, and the park would be closed. I digress. I ran around the park for 31 and a half minutes, and finished week four of the programme.

It was awful. I hate this stupid c25k. It wasn’t so bad when I was in Ireland and I had my sisters with me to go out (or make me feel guilty if I didn’t go) but, as you may have noticed, I’ve only gone out twice since I came home last Monday, and I’m just not feeling it.
I’m not looking forward to going out, I’m not enjoying it when I’m out there, and I’m not even feeling good when I get in. Instead, today, I just worshipped the porcelain god for a while. I know there are various causes for that – drinking too much, not drinking enough, pushing yourself too hard, not eating enough, eating too much,blah blah blah.

I’m just fed up. I don’t think I’m going to continue with week five of the programme. I’ll find some other way to get some exercise. Instead, I’ll just cheer my sisters on from a distance.


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C25K – W3D2

Today I did a variety of things. By a variety, I mean that I went to my sister’s home and we hung out!

But in any case, it was a running day today, so four of us traipsed outside in our running gear (my shorts are truly indecent, I should buy better ones) (and my shoes are not half as good as my sister and brother-in-law’s – they got gait analysis and fancy shoes) and went for our couch to five k runs. Shane is two weeks ahead of us, though, so when we started our run he powered off into the distance and left us all for dust.

I wasn’t the slowest person in this running outing, though, so I felt quite good about myself. I made it as far as a roundabout. Of course, since I haven’t run in greystones before, I don’t actually know how far that is, but I feel virtuous at having got that far at all.

The next run is supposed to be on Wednesday, but we’re supposed to be going out to the counter in Dundrum and I don’t know if I can deal with running when there are great burgers involved. We shall see!

The good thing, of course, is that if I do get bored and not feel like running, my sisters will guilt me into going out and doing it. So that’s good, I guess!

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C25K – W2D2

I’m in mayo at the moment, visiting a friend with Alex. Even though we took her dog for a really long walk, I still sent myself out for the second day of c25k this week today.
It was weird being out without Sinéad, but since she went yesterday, and she’s not in mayo, I had to go on my own. I had to finish, though, because otherwise she would have done better than me, and that’s just not acceptable.

In any case, I’ve been working my way through my running playlist. I can’t figure out how to get the music to shuffle, so I just started at A and have been working my way through it. I made the playlist in the sitting room while watching TV, though, and apparently some of the songs on it aren’t exactly ideal for running to. That’s no big deal, though, I’ll just delete them from the list and not run to them again.
To be honest, I’m not exactly all that honest calling it running. It’s definitely more walking than running!

In any case, I was pretty proud of myself for getting through it. I’ll finish the week on Thursday, and maybe Alex will come with me!
Not keen on the red face it induces, though. Nearly three hours later and it’s not gone down at all. :/

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C25K – W1D3

So today I did my third day of the C25K. I went today with Sinéad, since I’m home for two weeks. She’s rubbish at sharing a run, though. She started without warning me, and thus our runs were out of sync with each other.

Plus, she runs really slowly, which meant that I was consistently running in circles around her and waiting for her to catch up.
That’s actually probably more to do with my impatience than her actual pace, but I like to blame her, because that’s easier!

The good thing about today, though, was that I miscounted how many runs I had done, so I actually got into the warm down walk when I thought that I had another run to do! It was a delightful experience!

One week done, anyways, and seven weeks to go before I’m a running machine!

The next run will increase the amount of running I do, though, so I might die then. We shall see!

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The other day, when I was on Skype to my family at home, and my sister was showing off her war wounds (aka a sprained ankle), the topic came around to exercise. Apparently a fad has gripped my family – my sister and brother in law are going running. My mother wants to go swimming. My dad wants to go walking. My other sister wants to go running as well. Unfortunately, she doesn’t think she’d do too well on her own. Well, I can’t disagree. Exercise on your own is boring.

In any case, somehow, I’m not entirely sure how, I found myself agreeing to do the Couch to 5K (c25K) programme with my sister (since I’ll be home in less than a week, we’ll be able to do a good few runs together).
Anyways, we decided to start before I get home.
Given the incomprehensible heat of the place, and my intense dislike of mornings, I decided to start it tonight. So, after a Skype with my parents and dubious looks from my dad (who I’m convinced thought I was going to get raped while out jogging), I embarked upon week one, day one, of the C25k.

In the beginning, it was fine. Brisk walk to warm up, some jogging, some walking, all good. Except I miscalculated, because I can’t add, and when I thought I was finished, the app in my ears told me I was at the half way point. What??

Anyways, as it turns out, I am drastically unfit. After half an hour of mostly walking, I was a red-faced, sweaty mess. Even after coming home, drinking, showering and relaxing for a while, I’m still suffering the after-effects.

If this is how I am after week one, day one, I can’t see myself lasting too far into this eight week programme, but I said I’d go with Sinéad next week when I’m home, so I guess I’ll give w1d2 a try on Tuesday.
If no blog post shows up that day, assume I died. Exercise is evil.

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